“I’m tired of being told to listen to designers, that they want a seat at the table. Don’t tell me. Don’t ask for it. Show me why I should listen to you. Show me results.”

Design “having a seat at the table” has been a topic of discussion for years. As design practices mature, companies grow, and processes change, we in the design community have fought to increase our…

I’ve recently talked to a few members of my design team about their reluctance to switch from one design app to another. Learning the features and UX of a different design product can be stressful, especially when that learning results in shipping slower for a little while.

I get it. That’s not fun. I imagine a seasoned carpenter being told they have to use a new kind of hammer.

But like a carpenter with their hammer, a designer’s pixel-pushing program is but a fraction of the toolset. At least it should be. And in service of “should be,” I’d like…

Evan Osherow

UX and Product Designer in Portland, Oregon. Comfy socks.

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