Dividing By One

The last 365 days of Playground

Messy table, clear minds.

Day 365

Looking back at everything seems a bit too surreal.

I started the company under the name Peace of Mind Media while still in university because I had a fair amount of free time and some social media experience.

I had gone to a networking event and I was chatting with 2 real estate agents who needed help with social media and were considering hiring me as a freelancer. That night, I bought the domain for $17 and set out to make an return on my investment.

I followed up with them multiple times, but never got an answer. I don’t know what happened to them, but wherever you are, thank you!

Starting off as just a social media agency, we’ve now expanded into a full-service agency offering branding, web development, social media management, data analysis and more.

Great People

Starting a company is difficult. In other words, it’s blood, sweat, and stress.

It’s like constantly being at the gym and working out your brain with 10 phones ringing in the background.

But having a stellar team helps a lot.

From left to right: Andy Fung, Evan Pitchie, Jerry Zhu

Without my co-founders, Jerry Zhu and Andy Fung, the company would be somewhere else completely…or no where at all!

The people you surround yourself with can shape the culture of what you’re trying to build. Humans are social beings and your network has an impact on you.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have found some astounding individuals to join us. They believed in this company and were just as motivated to deliver the quality of work that our clients deserve.

It’s All Fun

As taxing as it is on the mind and the body, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I’ve come to genuinely appreciate the pain as it has kept me on my toes and test the limits of my mind.

We come in at around 10am and stay at the office until 11pm or 12am.

We work, learn, and grow.

Of course we take breaks, watch some videos, and go to the gym. But we have no problem staying so late because we’re not going to work, we’re going to have fun.

What are we doing it for?

We want to see our work all over the world, literally.

To travel the globe and stand next to people enjoying our work and experiencing that moment with them.

One of our strengths is our multicultural team and we believe that this is instrumental to our growth and success.

We have an inside joke where we say: “Sid Lee, Cossette, watch out because we’re coming for you.”

Photo by Colin Maclean. Andy was there in spirit.

What’s Next

We’re growing, that is a fact.

Our pipeline is budding with opportunities and we’re always looking for great people that want to help us, so feel free to reach out.

We cannot wait to share what we have in store for Year 2!

Thank You to our Friends, Family, Partners and Clients.

I started documenting my journey since Day 1 on my Instagram Story. I’ll admit that towards the end I slacked a bit and the work we do isn’t always “Instagrammable”.

Nonetheless, I tried to share moments of this journey with my network as much as possible.

Playground is a Montreal-based design and data-driven agency.