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Aside from this article being a thinly veiled advertisement to drive traffic to your self-help ebook sales site (the broken link was a nice touch), observer article, and some affiliate linking to Amazon. This article is patent bullshit.

I’m not sure how to break this to you but… You are a spectator.

Paul Graham, Tyler Hamilton, Josh Waitzkin, the inspiring fictional couple, etc… Every quote and experience related to suffering was drawn directly from other people’s experiences. Appeal to authority much?

Your specialty (ie pursuing PHD in Psychology) is about observing and manipulating other people’s mental states. Your profession (ie writing) is writing about other people’s experiences. The literal antithesis of being a risk taker.

Risk isn’t saving up to take a year off and post shit on Vine. That’s called a hobby vacation and a perverse exploration into self-absorption.

Have you considered the consequence of what happens when the cyclist gives up?

NOTHING! Not a damn thing. Nothing happens, there’s no consequence following because it doesn’t matter. Achieving ‘goals’ that have no external impact (positive or negative) simply do, not, matter.

Unless… You live and die by other people’s perception of you. In which case you’re primed for consumption and have plenty of opportunity to contribute to the economy and success of others.

This isn’t even ‘the blind lead the blind.’ It’s straight up ‘shooting fish in a barrel.’

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