Let’s Talk About Our Congress

(This is more of rant than anything else but I just need to get this out)

Photo by Me in 8th Grade

I get that everyone has their ideologies and political backgrounds whether that be republican, democrat or something else. I know that I can’t change someone who is strongly held to their beliefs just like I am held to mine. However, the senates most recent debauchery is unheard of and is a part of an overwhelming problem with our political system that isn’t being talked about that much.

TDLR: The Senate amazingly came together to make a decision to free up some money to help fight Zika virus and keep the government running for a few more days. Yes! our representatives made a decision wow!? Great right? So to reward themselves for such hard work, they think let’s get out 2 weeks early this year after we just had a 7 week break since we did such a great job this year. Don’t worry no one will pay attention or care we can just work on what’s important getting reelected.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t agree on getting a full budget passed.

Why can’t the senate go on their break after working tirelessly for three weeks and working a grueling 111 days this year making roughly 1500 dollars each of those days? Well the republicans want to pass a budget to help the flood victims in Louisiana. Great, perfect! I’m sure the democrats agree on this. They do but dun dun dun they also want to provide funds to help those Flint, Michigan who have been waiting for almost a year for government assistance. Paul Ryan Speaker of the House commented on the Flint issue by saying, “…this is more of a local government issue, that’s my own perspective and opinion”. However, despite this laughable response the GOP has stated it doesn’t like to categorize Flint as an emergency and says help will get pasted in another bill. That will happen when exactly? After their next month long break? The Senate has passed a water bill but the House’s version of the bill lacks help for Flint because of Ryan and the GOP’s position. Some argue that it will make other local districts think that they can rely on the federal government to back them up when they destroy the people they are supposed to be helping lives. So if you do believe this then help Flint, then be proactive to make sure this doesn’t happen again and maybe *gasp* create more jobs in a federal government funded water infrastructure project. Instead of punishing American citizens for the careless of their local governments.

Give me a break..

So what’s my point with all this? I am frustrated with everyone. Shouldn’t the American people come first? We can give 3.8 billion to Israel but we can only scrape together 500 million for Louisiana and find them more money “later”. It’s always later. Later is just an excuse to make it to the next congressional recess after which most people will forget and not care because they are to busy being mad at Hilary or Trump.

The Solution(s):

Get money out of politics, I don’t care if we pay our representatives for their “hard work” but there are too many special interests.


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