Circumstances Make A Diamond

As the hardest substance on Earth (58 times harder than anything else found in nature), diamonds have a unique composition not found in any other gemstone. Comprised entirely of a single element, the average diamond is 99.5% carbon, with the additional percentage belonging to impurities that could dull the diamond cuts or tint its color.

Interestingly, there is another mineral comprised entirely of carbon, but because those carbon molecules were not subjected to the same heat and pressure a diamond’s carbon molecules were, they formed a completely different structure with different properties. This second mineral is graphite, which is known and prized for its malleability that allows many of us to create marks on paper that can be easily erased.

It is truly a wonder to think that had the circumstances been slightly different when the world was forming, the core of your number two pencil could’ve been discovered in a diamond mine.

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