Dear Mr. President
Deborah Ng

We all share your concerns, but the other way around…

> “alternative facts” and the manipulation of the press

clinton spent 1 billion dollars, including 100 million in the month leading up the election compared to under 1 million for trump, to push attacks and fake stories…. shouldn’t you be more worried about the huge money in politics and dirty DNC campaign

> I am concerned about your priorities

I though you would be concerned that Clinton’s priorities were iraq war, syria war, libya war, yemen war, bank bailouts, and TPP. And you are worried about Trump’s which are protecting workers and jobs??

> I’m concerned about the rumors

wouldn’t you be worried that Clinton spent 1 billion in attack ads at Trump. Wouldn’t you be concerned she used the CIA for leaking fake rumors..the same people she supported when they were concocting evidence to start the iraq war?

> I’m concerned about conflicts of interest

Wouldn’t you be worried that the health care law and TPP were written by corporations in secret? Wouldn’t you be concerned that the Clinton foundation is a front for both tax evasion and pay to play politics?

You article takes such as one sided view…try reading this…

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