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Bitcoin jumps 10 percent, Coinbase retracts announcement, new STO report released, top gainers, high volume, and more!

Bitcoin Jumps 10% in Wild Spike on Tuesday

In a matter of about 20 minutes, the price of Bitcoin ran up $600 or roughly 10%. According to Business Insider, “the huge spike in bitcoin’s price on Tuesday may have been driven in part by a squeeze on leveraged short sellers, according to market commentators.” Although the spike didn’t seem to correlate with any specific news, there has been increasing bullish sentiment surrounding big players moving into the market and the potential formation of a Bitcoin ETF.

Coinbase Retracts Announcement of Regulatory Approval to List Coins Considered Securities

According to CoinTelegraph, Crypto exchange and wallet Coinbase has retracted its previous statement that it received approval from the U.S. Securities and…

We examine the 14 stages of emotions that you might experience when entering the wildly volatile crypto market.

We hit the Pittsburgh Grand Prix car show to find out how much Bitcoin people had to sell to get their hands on those sweet Lamborghinis…

ICO Alert Block Talk is a collection of street interviews where we test the knowledge of the public on subjects like Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

In this episode, we were on site at the Pittsburgh Grand Prix auto show to find out which cryptocurrencies people sold to buy their sweet Lamborghinis!

Litecoin acquires equity in German bank, New cryptocurrency phone to be released in November and Walmart ramping up blockchain delivery solution.

Litecoin Acquires 10 Percent of German Bank

According to Coindesk, Litecoin Foundation has acquired a 9.9 percent stake in a German bank. Charlie Lee, Managing Director of Litecoin said in a recent release: “I’m looking forward to integrating Litecoin with the WEG Bank AG and all the various services it has to offer, to make it simple for anyone to buy and use Litecoin.” TokenPay passed ownership of the 9.9 percent of equity in WEG Bank AG to Litecoin Foundation in exchange for Litecoin’s ability to leverage their technical know-how of creating cryptocurrency payments.

Sirin Labs’ Cryptocurrency Phone Slated for November

Sirin Labs, known for its $14,000 Solarin privacy phone, is launching a product…

Happy Independence Day to our American audience, but Crypto takes no vacations! In today’s crypto minute, Ripple goes all out to create more useful XRP, blockchain is creeping into the mainstream, top gainers and more!

Ripple is Giving Away XRP to Promote More Real World Use

The third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ripple, has been on a spree of giving away free tokens in an attempt to promote more use of the currency. In March, Ripple donated $29 million worth of XRP to charity, and in May, Ashton Kutcher (actor/ripple investor) presented $4 million worth of XRP to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund during a live taping of Ellen’s show.

According to, however, Ripple isn’t just donating XRP to charities. In October of last year, the company put $300 million in XRP into something called the RippleNet Accelerator Program, a program designed to reward…

Facebook advertising cryptocurrency again, Bitcoin education center opens in Atlanta, Andreessen Horowitz launching $300 million fund, top gainers, low losers and more!

Facebook Loosens its Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

As reported by CoinTelegraph, Facebook is allowing some cryptocurrency ads to be promoted as long as they go through an application to be approved. The ads were originally banned in January 2018. Facebook stated that the ads were “associated with misleading or deceptive practices.” The social media giant intends to verify their advertisers by requesting licenses and other information. For now, ICOs are still prohibited under the new policy.

Bitcoin Education Center Opens its Doors in Atlanta

Whether you’re a blockchain novice or an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, the newly developed Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy, may be the right place for you. According to American Inno, the location was founded…

Card network fees, EMV regulations and merchant liability are creating an opportunity for crypto payments to become a serious thing.

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