Great Design Isn’t Always Great Design

The idea of having something called “Curator” got me excited since I like to think of myself as special when it comes to storytelling. Unfortunately, my excitement sort of waned past downloading.

Aesthetically, it’s super cool and I still hope to find a purpose for the app since I would, in turn, feel cool using it. Though the concept is simple (organizing, presenting and collecting), they’ve created their own symbols for actions so it’s less intuitive than hoped.

So the cool thing is that you can quickly move the squares around like mosaic puzzle pieces. You can add images, websites and text to each block and the commands are pretty straightforward. But, you have to get to know their action symbols to feel the flow of the app. To me, that lacks flow in itself.
When you open a block, you can just tap it again to have the option to customize the text colors. The bracket on the upper left is your way out of this square and the bottom right bracket is a way to add a note to the square. You can even change the placement of the text as seen in the middle pic. What you see happening in the right photo is what happens when you tap an empty space. In order to get an empty square, you have to delete one which means that there’s a set number of squares per collection.
Holding your finger over a square lets you copy that square or delete it. Not bad. You can even paste the last thing you copied, period. The address I pasted in the block is something I copied from a site an hour ago.
When you’re up close and personal with the squares, you can scroll through them individually. Tapping the “crop” symbol (hurray something universal!) on the upper right lets you edit the image in the block.
So the image add feature is pretty significant because it allows you to import from basically anywhere you may have access to. Something to note that I wasn’t able to capture was that when I initially allowed access to my photo album, the screen came back with “No Albums” which isn’t accurate. Upon revisiting the menu and checking again, I saw my photo albums.

All in all, I don’t see myself really using this app unless I decide I really need another outlet for image presenting (perhaps a small decorating job). Maybe it’s that their logo and “Welcome” board is so cool looking that it’s actually confusing, but this app wasn’t very intuitive for me. At least, not enough to make me want to use this over another app with the same goals. Also, you need to sign up for an account which I hate doing.

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