Exploring the “Mindly” app

Mindly is a brainstorming app which is great for keeping track of your ideas and sharing them with coworkers and friends. I’d never used it before and thought I’d give it a go since I’m tired of using “Notes” on my iPhone and trying to guess what I was talking about.

The Welcome page walks you through the process of using Mindly by taking you through an actual diagram which is a fantastic way to make users understand and get excited about using the app. Each command you interact with shows you what it means in a pretty seamless way. Did I mention that you can spin the wheel? Cause that’s pretty fun..
When editing, you can change the color of the bubble, text and even add an emoji which shows up as seen in the first row of images.
Of course I was drawn to the bubble that said “Be Creative” and upon tapping, I found that I can add a note (something that’s mentioned in the bubble to the left but of course I ignored that because it sounds like “work” ;). A bubble will show that you’ve added a note without the stress of that note being immediately visible.
(L to R) If you look to the image above this row, you’ll see an arrow button on the bottom right of the page. Pressing this will show you your entire Mindmap. You can zoom in and out or just sit back and admire your complex genius. Now, there were a couple of things I didn’t like about this app so far. The middle image is a result of closing the app and reopening. As you can see, the screen doesn’t pick up where you left off which can be scary. If you click the “x,” you’ll get back to the Homepage. The right image is another feature where you can add a photo or link to a bubble or as a bubble.
The cool thing is that if you add an image, it will show up in the circle on the upper right. From there, you just drag the photo to an open slot in the wheel and there you have a photo bubble! (Each bubble can have it’s own solar system of bubbles just by clicking on it, btw). If you want to trash anything, just hold the bubble and drag it to where the arrow is which turns into a black hole.
When you’re ready to share your big ideas, the free version of the app lets you send it via PDF or email. You can even send it directly to other Mindly users. Now, something that wasn’t intuitive, at least as an iPhone user was how to delete a Mindmap. I created the maroon one up there but until I realized that you use the same principle for deletion as you do for photo/bubble deletion, I was swiping right like nobody’s business.
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