Yeah, I’ve climbed out of a second-floor bedroom window

A couple arguing whilst on a vacation, was it the directions or just stress?

We probably all have one story to tell.

A small argument evolving into my worst nightmare. I’ve never been one to be belittled. From a young age, it was the fastest way to get my walls up.

But here we are, on holiday in a beautiful coastal village, a nice…


Our Fall

Like the ice of a great frozen lake,
The person you are slowly cracks and shatters.
You change from white to a murky fake.
For who are you to be concerned with such winter matters.
Who am I, whose decision is it to make?

The ice around your heart slowly…

Life lessons I probably shouldn’t have learned in primary school.

Everyone has their non-conventional stories their parents share over Christmas, or the big family gathering, year after year.

Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for my parents, I ran a little high on the content generation for just these evenings.

Whilst packing up my childhood home over the last few weeks…

Where does laziness fit, if anywhere, in a world where productivity is king?

Someone working on their bed, lazy but productive

What if I told you laziness has a role in a productive lifestyle? Most of us would argue against it and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you.

“Try harder”, “You’re just lazy”.

We’ve all heard it. Well, at least most of us must have heard it at some point in our lives. It felt…

Being an ostrich is not the most effective way to deal with “headline stress disorder”

I avoided the news for a month and learnt far more than expected.

I have always considered myself a well-read individual, particularly with current events. I prided myself on an awareness of what was happening, both around me and in the world at large. …

Five things I’ve learnt after graduating medical school.

The best analogy for getting through medical school is HIIT (high intensity interval training for those of us who haven’t jumped on the COVID-19 home exercise craze). …

CJ Evans

Medical practitioner, traveler and explorer.

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