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Our Fall

Like the ice of a great frozen lake,
The person you are slowly cracks and shatters.
You change from white to a murky fake.
For who are you to be concerned with such winter matters.
Who am I, whose decision is it to make?

The ice around your heart slowly…

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Everyone has their non-conventional stories their parents share over Christmas, or the big family gathering, year after year.

Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for my parents, I ran a little high on the content generation for just these evenings.

Whilst packing up my childhood home over the last few weeks…

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I avoided the news for a month and learnt far more than expected.

I have always considered myself a well-read individual, particularly with current events. I prided myself on an awareness of what was happening, both around me and in the world at large. …

CJ Evans

Medical practitioner, traveler and explorer.

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