I am a Christian, but I have a huge issue with FALSE TEACHERS.

These people are using the Word of God to benefit their man made traditions and cults. They change the meaning of scriptures because they have no connection with God.

Though I am not a fan of gossip, some issues need to be addressed because many of the flock are being led astray. It’s one thing to misunderstand something for yourself, but you’re stirring up the wrath of God when you knowingly mislead the people.

It’s extremely wicked to reel people in with the word of God just to give them a false hope and a false god. I know that Jesus healed in his time, and so did others. The difference from the false prophets I’m referring to today is, Jesus really did it! There were also people who did witchcraft and could perform similar miracles. If you have discernment, you’ll know the difference.

I’m writing this as a warning to the people of God. Take a step back and examine the Holy Bible for yourself. Be as a Noble Berean and stop being so eager to be obedient to something that God has not commanded you to follow. I understand that you want to honor God, so you submit, but it’s time to start caring about your eternity.

Maybe you don’t know that just because someone appears to be serving the LORD, doesn’t mean they necessarily are. Their destruction awaits, and I would hate for you to be cast into the furnace with them. It will be many false Christians who won’t get into heaven, and many non-Christians who will. See, God examines the heart. Outer appearance can be deceiving.

If you don’t feel the presence of The Holy Spirit after trying whole-heartedly, then don’t act like you do. That’s the problem with many followers today. God might be trying to tell you something isn’t right here. Anyone can put on a show as if they are serving God Almighty, but inwardly they can be beautiful snakes. Man(A Leader) knows the sly, clever, cunning creature because man(Adam) named it. Jesus was willing and able to put that serpent under His feet and ours.

Will you continue to be a victim of the bite? Don’t allow yourselves to be put back under a yoke of slavery after God has already freed us from those chains. These people out here peddling the word of God for profit will possibly rot in hell. Using Jesus as a means for financial gain is devilish. I’m not speaking of Ministers and Pastors who are speaking Truth. I’m speaking of the ones claiming that God will bring you cars, houses, riches and the such, when these things can’t save your soul.

Wait, hold up? Isn’t that similar to the very thing that satan promised he would grant Christ, if Christ would only bow down and worship him?

Now, The Bible does speak of us being prosperous, but pay close attention. Why would God promise us things that HE clearly told us not to have our focus on? Why would God promise us temporary things where dust and moth destroy, where thieves break in and steal? Prosperous can have many meanings; Some worldly and some biblical. Why would you save up for a life-time, just to gain worldly treasures that God will soon burn in the fire? Don’t make financial gain an idol. Some of these false promises are not coming from God people; Wake up.

There’s nothing wrong with having nice things, but this should not be the focus of the Church! Prosperous is simply being successful, but being successful isn’t always referring to riches.

I hate to say it, but some religious organizations have become cults. They need to be pointed out just as Paul pointed out Churches. We don’t need the people wandering in the wilderness, just to find themselves in a ditch full of quick-sand. These false prophets make Christianity and followers of Christ look bad. This is very different than donating or supporting a church who is doing the will and uplifting the kingdom of God. There’s definitely nothing wrong with supporting the kingdom of God. As children of God, That’s what we should be doing.

Please do not misunderstand my point here. The false teachers I’m referring to are greedy. They might even offer you a piece of the financial gain of you join-in, contribute, and become a vessel for their unholy and false works. Their judgement is not far off, and they will soon have to answer to God.

Many of these organizations claim to be followers of Christ, but clearly are not. They use the word of God to hypnotize and steer-in blind Christians, as if a veil is over their faces. Leaving them numb to the truth. Then they add their man made traditions to bring the focus to their mission. It’s not God’s mission, but these people are so cunning, sly, and clever. If you have no discernment you would never know it.

The Bible refers to these types of people in many ways, like the scripture, “lord, lord, Have we not cast out demons in your name?” Clearly God replies, “Far from me I never knew you!” When God speaks these words, HE’s clearly talking about someone who is claiming to cast out demons. Someone who is claiming to do good works, but isn’t. Many of them are not even performing the miracles that they claim to be doing. They are border-line doing works of the anti-christ. Their root, focus, and foundation is not Jesus, I’m sad to say.

We could definitely be living in the last days because these people are claiming to do the work of God, when clearly they are preaching another gospel. This is blasphemy, but this has been going on even before Jesus’ day, so it’s nothing new. These false teachers are not children of God, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

There’s a huge difference in a person knowing they’re a deceiver, vs another who is simply not understanding scripture. Many are simply trying to do the work of God because they know that time is short and for the lost, I get that. Many simply just want to do what they are called to do for God, I get that. Many simply want to be a vessel for the LORD, I get that. That’s understandable! I’m not speaking of these people.

If you are preaching another gospel, then it can’t be the official Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take a look at the Pharisee’s for example. They used the Holy Bible to have the Son of God murdered wrongfully. They use the word of God to have the Living Word of God put to death; but that’s why He rose.

Before you and I knew Him, God had prepared for HIMSELF a body. It was all in the plan for God to be killed so that HIS blood could take away the sins of the world.

If you don’t understand how God created HIMSELF a body and lowered his position, then please examine the scriptures and find a Pastor who speaks Truth.

Many ask well, how can God be three if HE’s one? How can God be the Father if HE’s the Son. How can God be a HE if HE’s God?

So many questions, so little studying. Clearly, if you believe God can create the tree’s, stars, earth, humanity, and universe from nothing, then how is it you doubt HIS being able to do the such?

At then end of the day, all I can tell you is, “Trust God, Yield to man, and Lean not on your own understanding.” https://www.gotquestions.org/counterfeit-miracles.html

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