We Are Stronger Than The Political Elite

The United States and the world accomplish more working together towards a common goal. We make progress when we share common hopes and dreams. We envision a community where everyone is treated equally & fairly, we envision a community where everyone can live free from discrimination, prejudice, and hate. Right now, Indiana’s laws do not represent that same sentiment. With a quick look through our nations history, I’m inspired by the many leaders and activists who’s passion led to laws changing, hearts accepting, and minds opening. Indiana’s laws are unfair now, but that fact is temporary. No one ever said it was going to be easy. Unfortunately, political partisanship continues to get in the way of progress. The people’s voice, our cries for help keep being overshadowed by some politician’s desire to ensure they can get elected in the next 2, 4, or 6 years. Republicans and Democrats need to stop putting politics over people, and start putting people over politics. That’s the American way. The framers of our nation intended for the people to run our government NOT the other way around. Our passions, our visions, our dreams are more powerful than the political elite’s desire to break the people down, to keep us silent, and afraid to rail against the system that’s hurting our communities, keeping our laws unfair, and keeping them in elected office. I’m fed up with government bureaucracy, miles and miles of red tape, and weak politicians that fear change. However, now more than ever I’m confident that change is on the horizon. A better tomorrow is directly around the corner. WE are going keep fighting, WE are going to keep speaking out, and WE are going to keep taking action so that future generations of the world can live in a peaceful, equal, and healthy world. The future is very bright. We are inspired, and we will never give up. So to the politically elite, and the politicians who fear the future, we are coming for you, we are coming to reclaim the American dream from what you have distorted it into. We are going to reclaim America’s place in the world, we are going to work alongside other nations for world peace, in order to attain a world free from the horrors of nuclear weapons, a world where families in the Middle East or anywhere in the world don’t live in fear of bombs dropping their heads, on their hospitals, or on their homes. We are going to change Indiana, America, and the world.

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