How Many Days Does It Take To Write A Book?

Evan Swensen
Jun 7 · 2 min read
Beginning now, do you think you could write a book in one month? It took me longer to figure out the math for this blog than it took to write it.

Sometimes people tell me that, when they retire, or when they take a vacation, or after they go back to school, or after they get a Masters degree, they will write their book.

And that may be true.

But delaying your book can actually lead you to doing more work on it than if you just sat down and wrote the book. We all know that putting off something doesn’t necessarily get it out of your head, so to speak. Procrastination can cause a great deal of worry and self-doubt. You may become distracted, and mentally write and re-write every scene in your book twenty times, or a thousand times, before ever putting one word on paper.

If you’re a busy person, as most people are these days, the solution to all this can be simple: proceed in an orderly fashion, by putting aside a little bit of time every day. Just long enough to write a page. One page!

It will assist your project if you do this activity at the same time each day. Think of it as a business appointment.

This little bit of progress each day on your book will relieve you of the stress of procrastination. The self-doubt will evaporate as you proceed to accomplish your goal.

One double-spaced page per day, at the usual 261 work days per year, will give you a draft of about 80,000 words. And that’s a good length for your book.

That’s only 306 words a day. In other words, the page you’re reading is just about one day’s writing.

Do you think you could write something like this in one day?

I’ll bet my thesaurus you can do it.