Amazon is Ready to Launch Indie Beauty Shop

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May 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Amazon with its next playing card is definitely going to win the market. When the second quarter of this year would about to end, Amazon will give a blow to it by introducing the Indie Beauty Shop in its marketplace in June. This step of Amazon will cluster many skincare brands under one shop making international and domestic company’s products available to its customers. If you are a seller of beauty products then this article is exclusively for you!

Earlier to Indie Beauty Shop, Amazon deals with a portal named Luxury Beauty products where Amazon used to buy the products from the vendor sellers selling the brands and then used to make the products available for its customers. But with Indie Beauty Shop, Amazon will allow the beauty brands to sell directly to the consumers.

Which Brands will be Eligible for Indie Beauty Shop?

  1. Those brands that have been exposed themselves in Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) within a year. This is not mandatory though.
  2. The brands must be owned by the independent dealers. This mandates that the supposed brands must not be selling under Ulta Beauty, Walmart, Target or other.
  3. The brands need to pay $39.99 per month and also 15% of sales if the products are being sold by the third-party marketplace brands.
  4. The brands selling men’s cosmetics and beauty products will also be eligible to register for Indie Beauty Shop on Amazon. (For how to register, Stay tuned with us we will be the first to share Amazon’s new announcement.)
  5. With a strong instinct, our team of Amazon experts has predicted the list of beauty brands that will pen down their name in the Indie Beauty Shop of Amazon. Elizabeth Arden, Schique, Cocoloco, Kálos, Ogee are few of them though Amazon has not revealed the list yet.

Amazon Insight behind the launching of Indie Beauty Shop

No doubt, Amazon, its co-founder and its coworkers are smart enough and thus maintaining Amazon at the top place in the online retailing. Amazon knows the fact that people get attracted by the beauty products more and therefore these products can be valuable to add revenues. With the success of Luxury Beauty Products portal on Amazon, Amazon has decided to put its next best foot forward.

  • According to One Click Retail survey, the luxury beauty products have contributed to 57% revenues on Amazon in the first quarter.
  • This has increased 30% of the beauty sales on Amazon of this year.
  • The skincare products sales have reached $40 million with 25% rise.
  • The dermatological skincare sales have reached $30 million with 84% growth.
  • And the cosmetics with 27% hike has reached $20 million as revenue.

Having revealed all the figures above, Amazon knows that there is a myriad of opportunities in the beauty brands and products and therefore has announced to open a portal for the brand to sell directly to the customers. This will add more revenues to it as well to its sellers.


Knowing the Amazon insight and the increasing revenues of beauty products, it would be an opportunity for you to earn more money from Amazon. If you are selling the branded beauty products then be ready to reap the benefits of the Amazon new step. Get prepared with your Amazon store setup and add the variety of beauty products to it. Also, selling exclusive and niche products, cosmetics and dermatological products will be of worth.

At this crucial step if you are not able to handle your Amazon store, then, hiring an Amazon service provider like evantage will be helpful. We, the team of experts efficiently manage the sales and orders behalf of the Amazon sellers and work to increase overall AOV of the ecommerce store.

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