Preventive Measures to Sell Vitamins and Supplements on Amazon

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Apr 24, 2018 · 5 min read

If you are a newcomer on Amazon or have experienced the nitty-gritty of Amazon selling and searching for the best products to sell on Amazon store, then, then, selling the niche products can be a good decision. Believing in the figures, niche products in 2018 will contribute to $13.9 billion sales. The healthcare and wellness products come under the best selling categories on Amazon. Specifically vitamins and supplements are more popular in niche products list on Amazon . So, you can add new products to your Amazon store in this year and can fill the pots of money by the year-end.

Let’s know what are vitamins and supplements

For us, vitamins and supplements are for healthcare and wellness of our body. We usually don’t bother to know further. But scientifically, they are different terms.

On one hand, a vitamin is a chemical compound and an essential nutrient for us while on the other hand, a supplement is a combination of minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins as a whole.

Supplements intake is preferable over vitamins as supplements contain multiple vitamins, minerals, fibres, amino acids etc. making a complete diet for the person. This can be a capsule, tablet, energy drink, energy bar or powder.

Why selling vitamins and supplements can be advantageous?

  1. In today’s fast-moving world, people have no time to take hassles to cook food, salads and diet food when they have market supplements for them to take care of their health in an easier way.
  2. Supplements are enriched with multiple fibres, mineral, vitamins etc. in one item thus making it a better option for people to maintain their proper diet and to be healthy all the time.
  3. A fit and fine solution in the form of one tablet, capsule or energy drink/bar.

Why Amazon?

  1. Since everyone wants to be healthy and well all the time, therefore, attracting all health conscious people to have the vitamins and supplements in their regular diet. Amazon as the online marketplace have billions of customers showing trust in it which makes Amazon be the best place to sell.
  2. Amazon has the category of healthcare products under Beauty and Health category. More specifically, it subcategorises it into Vitamins and Dietary Supplements under Health and Household section. This makes it easy picking for the customers. Customers love this shopping experience on Amazon.
  3. Selling vitamins and dietary supplements is a very cautious task and therefore Amazon has its specific guidelines to sell making you safe from selling the people hazardous products. Else, it might harm your reputation.
  4. If you have your own brand of healthcare products and selling on your website, Amazon can be the best next place to increase your products sales.

How to sell on Amazon?

Act according to Amazon guidelines

Before listing the healthcare products on Amazon, you must first encounter the Amazon guidelines in detail. Amazon has its specific guidelines for selling on Amazon that differ for niche products, healthcare products, automobile products and every different category products. So you must check the Amazon ‘s criteria for healthcare products whether your products fulfil it or not. Failure to any rule on Amazon might lead to Amazon account suspension or even the permanent banning of your account. Also, remember that Amazon has access of your accounts till 90 days of your account ban and suspension means, in any case, it can refund its customers if your products have caused them any financial loss or injury. Selling under Amazon’s guidelines is recommended that will help you to make the profit from the sales.

Register for Amazon Selling Coach

Amazon has various facilities for its sellers. Amazon Selling Coach is one of them but only available for Professional selling plan sellers. It helps in boosting your sales. If you have a professional selling plan, Amazon helps you to do more with your account. In this, Amazon gives the notification for restocking your supplements and products and at the same time, it would notify you about the more popular products of your Amazon store so that you can use them for more profit. These all tips will help you to grow.

Sell Supplements Globally on Amazon

If you have a series of healthcare products and you have your customer’s abroad then overseas cannot be a barrier to selling on Amazon. Manually managing the selling and shipping abroad can be tiresome and might be ineffective to deliver the item s properly. Therefore, Amazon has its Global Selling Service in which it allows its sellers to sell the supplements and vitamins on its all 8 Amazon marketplaces. With Amazon’s FBA, it would be easier to sell everywhere and also with some added service, Amazon allows free shipping of few items.

Precautions while selling Vitamins and supplements:

  1. Since the vitamins and supplements you are going to sell would affect the health of the humans, therefore, you must be cautious and check every aspect of your products.
  2. Your products must be legally certified with the non-harmful chemicals in your vitamins and supplements products.
  3. Every country has particular and strict guidelines and department for regulation of such products. Don’t overrule it.
  4. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US regulates the sales and production of the vitamins and supplements. It mandates the manufacturer’s name, product description, all ingredients list and packaging site on the products.
  5. You must stock the products with a validated expiry date.
  6. Don’t try to sell the expired products. In any customer’s complaint case, Amazon can take a strict and legal action against you for harming its customer’s health and trust.


The healthcare products on Amazon are more popular among the customers and you can take the benefits of their popularity. With the healthy products, you can improve the health of your Amazon store too. With few precautions, selling vitamins and supplements on Amazon can help you in making money. Maintaining the quality of your healthcare products would help in attracting more customers towards you. Once you succeed in proving your niche and unique products beneficial for customers and building trust on them, they will definitely buy your products. Afterall, everyone loves his health. So, take a new move on Amazon and start selling Vitamins and dietary supplements on Amazon.

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