Engaging the Gorgeous Cam Model

One just banned me for 30 days! Ooops! … How did THAT happen?

Engaging the exceptionally gorgeous female is a practice that few understand and those who do have become, and must remain highly refined in their encounter both during the courtship and after.

Understanding the difference between those who have won the genepool lottery and the average female takes some common sense and a little training. I have a few points that improve one’s approach and association with the exceptional beauty.

First and perhaps most importantly it is necessary to become more self aware of our own passions and instincts. The alpha male who seeks the finest of the finest must be well grounded in his own sexual nature. We must “own our balls,” states Mike Lousada, the renowned London based sex therapist. Before we ever expect to succeed with these high demand females we must first know who and what we are. We must be able to stand centered in ourselves fully and exude confidence beyond the norm. This is what makes these ladies different from the rest. The are much more scrutinizing of males, even when they appear to be kind and considerate. They are looking for males that they can respect for more than external or superficial equipment. They have needs that only the strongest and most virile lovers and providers are capable of delivering.

We must be capable of knowing what the word “integrity” means to the female. I say that because sometimes I wonder if the Neaderthal alpha is even capable of understanding this. Basically, you and I males understand cars, fixing things and winning in aggressive sports. But when we encounter females we need to understand something about their biology, body chemistry and feelings, as well as their experience and the habits they may have formed. We need to know what estrogen, dopamine, oxytocin and progesterone is. For that I recommend you secure a copy of “Vagina” by Naomi Wolf. This book will change your life. Trust me.

The eights, nines and tens are being hit on hundreds of times a week through stares and other encounters with both men and women. Most men around them get goofy -understandably. We finally get to feel something and have no idea how to handle the avalanche of emotions welling up which points to generally one thing –the need to consume, possess, influence, control, copulate with and own.

Men this general rule applies. As soon as the exceptionally gorgeous female detects that we want her … she is gone, in one way or another, and we at best will end up in her “friends” list. Nope … can’t go there. The virile intelligent, conscious and evolved alpha must learn how to walk away, disregard, be indifferent with and pay little or no attention to the gorgeous woman whether she is married, or no, and even if we are married. For, this type is extremely powerful and she knows exactly how to use it to her advantage and that is mainly what concerns her. In no way is she interested in a surrendering to us any advantage over her time, affairs or life. And the very last thing she is looking for is you and I because she encounters thousands of us and has no time to waste.

Simple rule number two is: What is it going to take for her to come to you? You and I may certainly approach her. But, psychologically and emotionally she needs to come over to us. We must represent something to her she is unable to acquire. We must reverse the action so that she wants to know us. There is no other way I know of to secure a romantic relationship with this kind unless, of course, you are willing to pay for it … huge. She needs to earn us not the other way around otherwise she most often will come to loathe and lose respect for us and lose respect, satisfaction and trust. So, boys, we have a little homework to do.

Now what makes visiting on the Live Sex Cam any different from a more public setting?

This is an intriguing question which I have just begun to study as I encounter some remarkable ladies in this wonderful venue. I think that essentially they come to the venue with the same habits and discerning behaviors, maybe even more because the activity on them is greatly increased. But, in the chat room there really is little way for them to escape us unless they ban us for some reason. So, with the much higher numbers of encounters what must we know and do in order to cause them to see us as desirable? Certainly, they may say nice things … things which may sound endearing but underneath it all the tokens keep flying into their pockets out of ours. So, nothing has changed from the real to the virtual world. These ladies have been called “high maintenance” for a good reason. It is no different in the world of Cam relationships either. Of this I am certain.

Somehow I think we may have some advantage here that we might lack in the outside and public world. We have time to think and consider from a much more relaxed position. I believe this time affords the opportunity to present ourselves in such a manner that will engage the beauty queen in a way that causes her to desire us.

What I have noticed here in Cam land is that we essentially do in an unrestrained manner what we are too afraid to do in the real world. We go straight for the sex, straight for the “get”. In doing this we show ourselves to be “for getting”. These ladies know all about forgetting. Most men who encounter them are doomed to experiencing them as they live in the hell of never forgetting after being completely forgotten; crushed, brokenhearted and in despair.

But integrity to these luscious ladies mean we must learn how to be “for giving”, I have found. Learning how and what to give and exactly when to give it is a lesson often hard learned but with a little practice will reap enormous rewards. Giving has nothing to do with being a nice guy, compliments, esteem, tons of gratitude and in any way doting after your beauty. It means giving space, consideration and thoughtful responses to each moment in her presence. Less is more as the saying goes. Remember you and I must find a way to be engaging, enticing, seductive and by making ourselves hard to get rather than just throwing ourselves at their feet. You do this and they will be nice but they will loathe you. I just got banned for 30 days by a lovely model because in my profound wisdom I broke a few of my own rules. Sent her 100 tokens from another alias and asked her forgiveness hoping to leave the burden on her. It worked. She loosened up and maintained a spirit of cordiality.

There is much more on this subject but for now we’ll end it here. Please give me your feedback. Would love to hear Your experiences on this subject and the nuances of this sort of venue.

Thanks for reading. Until we meet again.