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This year we have seen a rise in the utilization of Proof of Stake (“PoS”) as a consensus mechanism. Whether it’s Tezos’ continued maturation, the launches of Cosmos and Algorand, or Facebook announcing their plans to launch a PoS based blockchain, these variants of staking are gaining real traction. As these networks begin to gain attention and adoption, it is not without the enhanced scrutiny from regulators. …

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is ever changing and innovating at a record pace. This is happening not only from a technical perspective but also from legal a regulatory one. In this post, I set out to provide a super high-level overview of what I believe to be some of the biggest legal issues in the space. Digital assets touch nearly every area of the law and this is by no means an all-inclusive list. When analyzing legal issues related to digital assets you should consult with an attorney who has relevant experience in that specialty area. …


Evan Weiss

Founder Proof of Stake Alliance; Former M&A/Emerging Companies Attorney @ Holland & Knight LLP

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