A Form Was Never Just a Sheet of Paper
Perre DiCarlo

Great job!

Did you know there are non-UX approaches to this? First, dive into Operations Research, one of the management science disciplines that evolved from factory time and motion studies. Your “experience map” following a form’s travels desk-by-desk through an organization is straight from the 1950s gray flannel suit era. You reinvented an old network optimization technique through a new lens. Beautiful!

In the 1980s/1990s, Business Process Reengineering tackled this too, striving to cut out time and costs built up through bureaucratic empire building, mergers and acquisitions, and managerial myopia. Lots of “do we really need this step?”, “can we consolidate these steps?”, “can we redefine the purpose of this activity to eliminate steps?”.

Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints also seems appropriate. Ease the biggest bottleneck in a workflow for immediate improvement, and to reveal the next bottleneck (rinse and repeat). Originally for manufacturing, works great in human/information workflows too.