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An interview with the ceramic horse faces living on my wall

These horses have been grazing on the flowers and other artifacts on our mantel ever since the year 2009. What is? How do? Why are? Let’s gid to it…

So where you two from? So what’s your origin story?

We originally lived on the walls of Evany’s great friends the Octeaus, who live down in Los Angeles. …

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Seems I got a little sloppy when I wished for more couch time.

At Pinterest, we would sometimes do these “icebreaker” things at the beginning of meetings as a way to both nudge introverted people out of their shhhells, and help everyone get to know each other a little better (because when you’re at a hyper-growing company that doubles in size each year, there’s almost always someone new to get to know). Like “If you were arrested, what crime would it mostly likely to be for?” (Excessive display of speed.) Or “If you could have any condiment available on tap from your bellybutton, what would it be?” (Chocolate pudding. Yes it’s a topping.)

One meeting, the kickoff question was “If you could be instantly teleported to anywhere right this second, where would you go?” …

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The yo-yo-ing downs and ups of these upside-down quarantimes

When I was little I was obsessed with this book, Fortunately, written and illustrated the amazingly named Remy Charlip. In it, the star-crossed star character, Ned, lives through an incredible parade of harrowing lows and nick-of-time highs, like “Unfortunately, the plane exploded. Fortunately, there was a parachute. Unfortunately, there was a hole in the parachute!” Ned narrowly escapes sharks, tigers, pitchforks…the hits (and reprieves) just keep on coming. I can still bodily feel the thigh-clenching terror and relief of it all.

Now the whole world feels like one big Fortunately/Unfortunately book. …



2 major earthquakes, a burst appendix and an exploding can of beans. I also word at Shopify! Pinterest alum, Facebook alum.

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