Pigstar vs. Mongoose

That time we accidentally made a viral video that enraged everyone

Just a little under 10 years ago, we were dog-sitting for our friend Caroleen, and my husband Marco took a video of her dog, big brindle Birdie, playing with our dog, littler brindle Piggy (RIP). Marco had just gotten hold of some super shitty video editing software with public-access-television-grade special effects, which he applied liberally to the footage. For the soundtrack, I suggested the Mortal Kombat Theme Song, and for the finale Marco added a fierce jungle cat growl SFX he found on the internet.

He uploaded the results to YouTube, named the video “Pigstar vs. Mongoose” (Piggy and Birdie’s wrestling names) and sent the link to Caroleen so she could see how much fun Birdie was having without her. And then we promptly forgot about it. Until…

Five years later

Marco goes to upload something to YouTube and tries to create an account, only to discover he already has one. What the…?

He logs in and…lo! What is this? A beautiful treasure waiting inside! Like a fine wine, the video had aged and deepened into something truly remarkable. Half a million people had tuned in to watch it (that was a lot in those days), and almost every single viewer was some version of disappointed or enraged. This film wasn’t at all as advertised! Some choice comments:

“I’m gonna name my dogs ‘my foot’ and ‘your ass’”
“whad the heck i didnt see a Mongoose, just two pottlickers”
“wtf? i was expecting al gore and manbearpig”
“This is not what I thought it was going to be”
“The music is good!!!! The person who posted this, is a homosexual!!!!!”

There was actually quite a few comments about Marco enjoying the company of men, only with a lot more cock references. Apparently luring people to your low-rez home dog movie using nothing but the promise of a heated battle between a pig and a mongoose is something gay men are known for doing? I still have so much to learn.

Over the years, we would sporadically check in on the video, and it eventually earned another couple hundred thousand more views. Much to our sadness, some of the fouler comments have since disappeared, and traffic eventually died off. But happily the video still remains, an artifact to a more innocent time, when trolls were relatively tame (absolutely zero death threats!) and over 700,000 people could come together to hate this little slice of accidental virality + world weirdness.

Somewhat relatedly, here’s a video of me and two other moms from work threading spaghetti through hotdogs, melting crayons with a hairdryer, and drinking a bunch of iffy white wine, which got posted late last week and already has over 2 million views!? This world, she sure is amazing.

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