Film Making and Tech… the field is wide open.

The fact that is generating revenue is shocking. We oversee 19 cities’ freelance Film and Theater Production Design Communities. New York, by far, being the most dynamic interchange and only city that is requires a monthly subscription.

We are operating a Franken-MVP for $750.00 a month in SaaS’s while, at he the same time, we have companies that serve the entertainment industry calling us and paying for a subscription a year in advance.

Our sliding-scale monthly subscriptions. Discounts and annual fees available upon request.

I used to run Art Departments on huge TV commercials like Under Armour’s debut marketing campaign commercial for the Super Bowl. I once spent 125k in two days just on 25 scenic artists for over-time for a TNT commercial with billion dollar basketball stars directed by Spike Lee. You get the picture.

That’s where I learned that the film industry does things in stupid, frustrating ways and if you can manage the Art Department on a Snackwell’s commercial, you run a business.

People love to be part of something, They love to work for acceptance, share their knowledge and feel special. It feels good to give. (2/16/16)

What was 30 of my NYC peers in 2007, is now thousands of ArtCube members (11% paying us) and these numbers grow, inch by inch, everyday. We’re afraid of getting overrun by the tipping point and not managing growth and client expectations because of busy work.

We launched ArtCube 2.0 in October of 2015, averaging about three new subscribers a day. Small potatoes, but the numbers are are heading in the right direction. (2/16/16)

We’re looking to raise a seed round of $80,000 to build the MVP of custom software to replace our current framework. We feel the 18 other cities, will be stimulated by a new look, a user experience they are accustomed to and easy ways to sense the value of belonging to Art Cube… and international matrix of successful artists, designers, makers, vendors, stagehands, fabricators and film crew.

We’ve been advised quite a bit to seek angel investors and not VC’s.

In some ways, Art Cube is a closed-loop ecosystem where money and talent go round and round and round. We just house the means in which they find one another, all the while, keeping our finger on the pulse of an entire industry.

To be continued…

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