Two weeks before beta test = 8.5 months pregnant.

I’m all done incubating. Show me the baby.

Eva Radke

I was not a cute pregnant person.

I was addicted to Afrin, every cell in my body was bloated and I really needed a canine around so I could “blame it on the dog”. I was huge. I did not feel like an Earth Mother or a goddess or in touch with the universe. I wanted the fucker out. This would be my only one, so I did all the things and ate my vegetables. At eight and a half months, all was prepped and I had nothing to do but go into labor. Ho hum.

The wait was unbearable.


Ten years later, I’m knocked up again, not with another human, but all my financial eggs are in the same basket with the second business, ArtCube.

In the beginning, I tried to find Community Management Software out of the box. Oh, how easy for me if someone, who loves community and hates Groups, (Google, Yahoo, Facebook) had built software I could buy, zip out a migration and increase my revenue with a few key strokes! Think again, Blondie.

Nope, you can’t build a community for ten years and expect some visionary to feel your pain and foot the bill for a better solution, just as no one handed me a baby because I wanted one. That’s on me. I had to be the visionary and the incubator. Just like a tech companies and breast pumps, there are a lot of choices, research, marketing campaigns and conflicting opinions. Then you find a pretty good fit and you go with it.

Pay, Skype with tech team, approve, Slack, Trello, approve, edit, pay, Skype with tech team, approve, Slack, Trello, approve, edit, pay, Skype with tech team, approve, Slack, Trello, approve, edit, pay, Skype with tech team, approve, Slack, Trello, approve, edit, pay.

The beta testing is now two weeks away.

This is real. The functions are functional. The ipsum lorem is readable text. It’s just a matter of time. A once nebulous and foggy entity is developing a shape, a form. Peeks inside suggest a personality and a look. This baby is viable.

So as I stay productive in pre-launch, designating, delegating, planning, hoping, wishing, working, thinking, waiting… I recall the special moments before labor. “Hurry the f#*k UP, you parasite, get out! I’m all done incubating! Show thyself!”

I remember reflecting on my impatience after my gorgeous little son made his way to the world. I should not have been in such a hurry. I didn’t appreciate that, soon enough, my life would change forever. I should have enjoyed the solitude, taken a longer nap, gone out for a delightful three-hour dinner, or stayed up too late Netflixing rubbing my rotund and vexing incubator.

So that is what I’m trying to do. I will start enjoying these precious days, because if the sun shines and the crick don’t rise, the beta test will guide our tweaks and the full-on launch will soon follow. Before long, ArtCube 3.0 will wake me up at night, consume my days, need constant attention and require frequent changes.

Today I will take a long mid-day nap and dream of what is to come.

— — — — — — — — — — — -

Hey! If you like beta testing, sign up here to test mine!

Eva Radke

Written by

Eva Radke

Founder of, a platform for creative freelancers in film, TV and events. Brooklyn by way of Austin. Well-behaved women seldom make history.

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