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Known as one of the most haunted places on earth, this Italian island remains completely off-limits owing to its spine-chilling past.

Sitting just off the coast of Northern Italy, in the Venetian Lagoon between Venice and Lido, the island of Poveglia has earned a most sinister reputation over the centuries.

Early History:

Mentioned in documents dating back to as early as 421 AD, Poveglia welcomed its first inhabitants when a group of men, women and children sought refuge from barbaric invaders ravaging the mainland. Thereafter, this small community lived in peace and in the 9th century, its population began to grow.

This, however, was not long before Venice came under attack again in 1379 and the islanders were forced to leave their home…

The human struggle for happiness persists. But do we even know the real key?

In a group activity conducted during a seminar, 50 people were asked to write their names on separate balloons. These balloons were then collected and put in a room already filled with hundreds of similar balloons.

Later that day, the group was taken to this room.

There, the speaker asked everyone to find their own balloon within a time limit of five minutes.

Have you ever wondered why all your watches come set at 10:10? Why, it’s a product-selling scheme!

Think of the last time you paid visit to a timepiece showroom. Did you notice something remarkable?

Well, if you can’t quite remember, let’s bring your visualising powers to work!

You pull a set of glass doors open (despite the evident “push” sign) and are welcomed by a whiff of cool, scented air. Your eyes start studying the place as soon as you enter, while deliberately avoiding contact with those of desperate salesmen.

The autumn Leaf wriggled

Like fish caught on a line;

Oh how bravely he dangled

Above his fellows’ shrine.

Adorning the maple tree

He was one soldier bold,

Facing the winds mighty

He battled despite the cold.

Though the end was nigh

He did not lose his heart;

He smiled at the dreary sky

For he had done his part.

Soon a sudden wind blew

Strongest of them all;

In that moment he knew

He heard his final call­.

He told himself to trust

The golden bed below,

And when he felt the gust

He gracefully let go.


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