What you need to show

Work of UX designer looks like iceberg — most parts are invisible. I often asked how to showcase your work, how the portfolio of UX designer should look like.

Here I want to mention some moments which I think should be shown at first place.

Image for post
Image for post
Image Source: unsplash.com

Just screenshots and pictures like in dribble is not enough here: often they are quite meaningless, not thought out, torn from reality and don’t play in your favor at all, sometimes even vice verse. Here are my tips on how to best showcase your portfolio as UX designer:

Most important thing here is to show the process, how you approached the task, what hypotheses you make and based on what, how you made research and analysis of target audience (spoiler! It’s 100% need to be shown) and what insights you received. …



I'm a user researcher and product designer who is passionate about how technology can influence people

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