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Across any e-commerce website, page load times are directly correlated with conversion rate. …

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Lately, I’ve been working on a delivery tracking application on React/React Native. One of the features is to allow a user to take a picture of a shipping label on your phone, and translate that label into a tracking number we can work with on the back end. …

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There’s a common misconception that writing tests slows down development speed. While the benefits of testing may not be immediately noticeable sometimes, it’s been my experience thus far that testing allows me to work faster in the long run, even on a small team.

After implementing tests for a full-stack application, I’ve come to appreciate how useful it is to effectively test your apps and how it influences your coding ability.

Quick intro to what a test stack looks like

Jest is a testing library developed by Facebook that comes prepackaged with a bunch of cool methods to make testing easier. On a recent project, my team and I chose Jest because of its ease of use and its wide range of built-in functions that help streamline your testing. …


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