Vlog Day 18, To vlog or not to vlog

Today’s vlog is a series of conversations about vlogging with my friend Chris Kaps. He’s working on a screenplay, currently lives in Bolivia, but he’s back “home” visiting for a few days so we took the opportunity to catch up. Thanks CK, for all your support, conversation, and help.

We also filmed an episode of “ONCEATB.com” beforehand and concluded that we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m on to something with the concept, excited to see how it evolves.

I was so tired this afternoon, I feel like that’s almost all I talk about. Boring, I know. But it’s astounding how tired you are as a parent, especially this early on in the game. I asked CK if he was tired all the time too, and the response is more or less “yes”. Wow, how life has changed.

I’m trying to think of a few more words of wisdom to share (mostly with myself) but coming up empty.

CK just sent me his screenplay, a work in progress, and I’m excited about reading it.

In other news, do you ever feel like you’re in the wrong place? You are living and have a “life” but you just feel like you’re supposed to be somewhere else…living a different version of your life? I feel like that a lot. I’ve felt like that many times in my life. I mean, I love my family and wouldn’t trade it for anything so there’s that, but I still feel like there’s something here that’s not making sense. Maybe I gotta get out of DC, or maybe I’ve got to change my focus away from the “creative, or maybe I dunno yet. I was about to sign off when I wrote this last paragraph, so I’m a little weirded out that such intensity just kind of came out of nowhere. But there it is, I’ve left the words down on this page now for record. Maybe I’ll come back to get them someday.



btw, here’s the link to today’s episode: