Vlog Day 9, Riding with the fam, or, What is a Tarallo?

Ok weird day. I was just going to take the morning off but I ended up taking the whole afternoon to run some errands. This change of pace as you will see is reflected in the episode.

Show notes:

I further developed the “conversation to self” concept. It requires some awareness while performing that you are playing two characters. The rest is simple “reflect image” effect in editing software. I enjoyed it and think it has potential.

What I learned from bringing in other people: it can be fun! I like the concept of maybe “visiting” people for a day, that kind of thing. Challenges I forsee are length of video and finding the right people (who are down).

I enjoyed the “art breaks” in this vid as a transitional tool. I’m not sure how all these fit together yet but I’m liking the potential.

I have a few things I need to work on: youtube descriptions with links etc, video outros asking for subscription (tell people what you want!), setting up/resetting adsense account. There are other obvios such as format, but for the time being I’m concentrating on the above mentioned points.

Alright, I’m out, here’s the link to the latest video:

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