What is LinkedIn?

So for my oral comp class my Professor assigned the class to make and or explore a social media page and report on it about several different things including how I feel and think about it, so here it goes. I decided to create a LinkedIn account and for those who don’t know what a linkedIn is, it is a social media platform that shows you job opportunities that are in or similar to your field of choice. It helps by connecting you to other friends with a profile and showing you many stories and networkers that may interest you. It helps a lot with getting you close and personal with job opportunities that would not be easily available or found regularly. I have found a few common c0ntacts on LinkedIn including my sister and father which I found interesting because my father does not use social media because he finds them dumb and impersonal, however for him as a business man this is the one social media platform that can actually help him with business and help him with networking. LinkedIn also reminds me very much of face book by the way it is set up. You have your personal profile and a profile picture, along the top strip are multiple different portals for you to explore while on LinkedIn along with a newsfeed page for you to scroll through. What I have noticed about LinkedIn is that most of the stories and links have something that correlates with the information you give LinkedIn when you sign up; such as your major, things about your school/ or business, and things that you can read and find that may interest you. LinkedIn allows me to do networking connected with people who could help me with fining job opportunities and shows me many things that I would not be able to so easily stumble upon if I were to go out and look for help wanted signs and cregslist. Rather it gives me many opportunities that if I do act upon could benefit me in the long run with possible jobs. So far I like LinkedIn granted I have only been on the website for a solid 30 minutes, I have already come across things that interest me. I also like how easy it is to navigate because if there is one weakness I have it is the lack of knowledge I have for computers and technology (AKA) computer stupid. Overall I find LinkedIn a great social media platform and believe it will last the next two years and on. I personally suggest making one for your self.

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