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With the wide adoption of smartphones and tablets and the increase in online shopping, digital marketing has become essential across all industries. Retailers, automotive, and telecommunications are only some of the many fields that need more targeted options to reach audiences in multiple devices and platforms.

According to IBISWorld, the digital marketing agency industry has experienced a 13% growth sine 2015 and it is expected to grow more in the future. SEO, banner advertising, video advertising, lead generation, digital display advertising, and social media marketing are blooming in demand. So it is not surprising the fact that more digital marketing agencies are emerging.

The digital marketing industry is making more than $14 billion, while the number of companies and big organizations that rely on digital agencies is increasing year by year. Certainly, there is great potential for entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts. But creating your own digital agency needs more than a good entrepreneurial mind.

Meet Dylan Ogline

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Dylan Ogline originates from a small country town in Pennsylvania. Even during his childhood, Dylan was a curious mind and interested in many things at once. After dropping out of high school he started selling smartphones at the age of 14. It was evident that from that time he always had the curious and energetic mind of an entrepreneur.

Until he reached the age of 25 Dylan was running many businesses at the same time and in 2016 he decided to direct his focus into one thing and scale it as he goes. So he started investing all of his time and energy into digital marketing.

Now Dylan has his own digital marketing agency, in which he helps consultants and coaches to build their business and make it successful by focusing on increasing sales. Throughout his career as a consultant, he has helped numerous entrepreneurs grow their businesses and generate more revenue. Under his guideship, Dylan’s clients have managed to turn their businesses into successful initiatives while his strategic plan can guarantee amazing results.

How to build your own digital agency

An important aspect is to first land a job in the industry that will help you master your digital marketing skills. Because if you won’t invest the time in becoming an expert there is a big chance that your agency will not be as successful as you think.

But apart from the hands-on experience, soft skills also play a role when it comes to offering professional services. Communication skills, collaboration, ownership are just some skills that when polished will facilitate client retention.

In your working days, you will come across many professionals with whom you will collaborate with or exchange valuable insights. Fostering genuine and professional business relations is going to highly benefit your agency in the future. Because you can always reach out to those connections and turn them into potential clients, or even leverage their own networks by sharing your services with others.

Learning from industry experts is another way of polishing your professionalism. Dylan is now a leading expert in the field of Digital Marketing and helps businesses grow. When you are starting your business the most difficult thing is to attract your first clients. And without proper guidance, you might fail to identify the best strategy. But Dylan’s carefully curated plan can help these small businesses grow.

Dylan’s training program focuses on the steps that every new business owner needs to follow in order to make their digital agency a success. In this sense, he can help you build and grow a hyper lucrative agency from scratch. Because since he could do it, anyone can.

Dylan has never been scared of trying new things and this has been imprinted in his mindset and determines the way he works. This mindset aspires to transmit to many more digital marketing agency owners because he is the living proof that this strategy works.

Closing thoughts

The digital marketing industry is continuously growing and welcoming new entrepreneurs with a fresh approach to marketing and advertising. But having an entrepreneurial mind cannot guarantee your success. You need to invest in personal growth, business relations, and market research on what others have done.

Dylan Ogline is an example of a successful entrepreneur who has never been afraid of experimentation and diving into unknown paths. His journey and the professional course could give you the right boost into defining better your business goals and aspiration and turn your agency into a 7-figure business.

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