Marketers Guide To Last Click Attribution

What is Last-Click Attribution?

Last-click attribution refers to the website analytics model where the last-click a user makes before converting is awarded 100% credit.

Additional Information

You may have heard of the last non-direct click attribution model. This is essentially the same last-click attribution, but with a small exception. Last non-direct click attribution gives credit to the channel before direct because there isn’t much to learn from a user directly visiting your website.

  • Email
  • Social
  • Paid search
  • Referral (other websites, directories and forums)
  • Direct (user visits your site from a bookmark or directly enters your website URL)
  • Other (Google Analytics is unable to recognise the traffic source)

What Is The Problem With Last-Click Attribution?

Data-driven marketing that uses the last-click attribution model is a flawed approach in today’s marketing landscape.

First-click Attribution

Last-click Attribution

Should You Use Last-Click Attribution?

Thanks to the Internet and smartphones the customer journey has changed, 56% of online shoppers read online reviews before purchasing, for larger ticket items the buyer may need to consult their partner or research similar products to find the best solution to their problems.



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