Simple 20 Travel Tips & Tricks

Travel, who doesn’t like to travel considering we are living in the prime time to travel

In recent times travelling is more comfortable and even provides lucrative opportunities to multiple travelers so they can keep travelling the world while earning.

Since a lot of people want to take trip around the globe so I though compiling few tips and tricks which can help people on their journeys.

Let’s begin shall we!

1. List of Items

Always remember that before packing for any destination make a list of items you would be needing for that place, it can be anything or any thought that comes to your mind.

You can even write things that you want to visit or achieve during your stay there, but do write it down because you will if not definitely forget it.

2. Limited Packing

I think this one is a no brainer as you are going for few days rather than migrating to that place, so always pack less.

You don’t have to pack every item that you wear or own (from heels to business suits), pack light and try to live in the moment.

Travel to create memories rather than looking good for that “one pic”.

3. Research Culture

Do remember to research about any place you are visiting, try to learn few words or phrases of their language, as in my experience people enjoy it if you try to speak their language even in broken form as they appreciate your effort.

Take care in regards to what can offend people and what will make them friendly towards you, considering you don’t want to be stuck in a place where you can barely speak their language and surrounded by people who distrust you.

4. Important Documents Should Be Copied, Period

It doesn’t which part of the globe you are travelling to, your passports to tickets to even social security numbers or any other official or important documents needs to be photocopied.

This is one lesson I learnt the hard way, so instead of following my footsteps I recommend you instead go for the moral of the lesson, photocopy your documents.

5. Take a Picture of Your Destination Address from Your Phone

Title says it all, try to keep a picture of the address of your destination (hotels or guest house) in your phone in case of emergency of you just can’t find them at the moment.

At least on the way you have something to tell to your cab/taxi driver.

6. Travel Insurance

It works and does help especially in sticky situations so do get one.

If you can afford it do get one.

7. First Aid

Keep a very simple and basic first aid in your travel bag (not hand carry) for emergency purposes, just go for simple band aids or something similar instead of meds.

8. Inform Your Bank

Keep your bank in the loop in regards to where you are going or which country you are visiting in case you need to make any quick draws or credit any amount they are informed and well aware of your situation.

Plus they will be more cooperative as well.

9. Be Flexible

One you do land somewhere try to be flexible in regards to your own schedule.

Remember you are here to enjoy not to fret over things, so don’t worry if you missed the bus or some event is not happening on time (does happen a lot), don’t worry and try to enjoy the moment.

10. Be Patient

Yes, thought you would not need it huh? Well you do, I guess there isn’t much in life where you can be impatient.

Anyways yes be patient as I mentioned earlier you need to be flexible and now you have to be patient as things will not go your way and sometimes it is more costly to get things done your way then the other way around.

11. Wake Up Early

Want to really enjoy your time, wake up early and go out.

Explore your surrounding or even plan to visit places at early. Try to get the glimpse of the sun rising, trust me it’s an amazing experience all together.

Also perks of getting up early means fewer people at famous places and you get to enjoy those places in peace and silence (relative though).

12. Extra Cash

This extra cash stash serves you nicely in bad spots or in case you are running dangerously low and can’t get your hands on your bank account.

This load does help you in those days.

13. Interact With Locals

You will amazed what you can learn by interacting with the locals from their personal stories to the stories of places they belong to, it’s just mind blowing how many things you come across while interacting with residents of your destinations.

14. Smile a Lot

Somehow no matter which part of you travel to the world, smiling is one things that is the same all across.

By smiling it makes it easy for you to interact with others while it also makes them possible of them to interact with you as well.

And it simply makes your day much better.

15. Volunteer Work

Think you really know what that place is all about, I bet if you go for volunteering you would truly discover a new sight.

Go for volunteer work, this way you will not only be able to do some good for the community but it will also expose you to the troubles of the people living there.

Also people will genuinely be thankful to you and in process you will end up creating an amazing memory for yourself.

16. Take Lots of Photos

Speaking of memories, take lots of photos of yourself, places and amazing people around you so you would always have something to remind you of the good old days

17. Lonely Company

If you are travelling solo or loved one then amazing, however if you are travelling with friends then I just have this to say, escape from them for few hours.

You need some alone company, given any reason you want but sometimes solo flight helps clear up your and make you truly appreciate your place at that moment and you have something to reminisce about later.

18. Safe Travel

I don’t think anybody needs any reminder on that.

No matter where you go you must be aware that isn’t your country no matter how safe they call it, it’s a place where you are new and would not definitely be aware of a lot of things.

So try to make all your out of town plans during the daylight, and during night time try to avoid narrow or dark alleys or walk with group of friends.

19. Online Safety

Truth be told couple of years back I would not have even cared about this, but apparently due to new bills and laws passed around and given the fact how much we have data on cloud I guess it does beg to consider.

So avoid free wifi if you are using your own IP, I suggest you purchase a VPN through which you can mask your IP or just don’t insert any bank account details or access sensitive information on free Wi-Fi.

20. Stay in Touch

Keep your friends and family in loop in regards to wherever you go.

Have a safe travel and journey to your destination.