Eve Community platform — Where flagship-killer Windows 10 tablet is designed, by end-users

Eve-tech.com: By tech-enthusiasts for tech-enthusiasts: Pyramid Flipper co-created here as revolution unfolds.

A sweeping storm arises from Finland, the Nordic country of tech houses like Nokia, Jolla, Supercell, and now Eve-Tech. What is getting swept? The consumer tech industry. And just how? Eve and its community of tech-enthusiasts align their passions to co-create the ultimate Windows 10 tablet (2-in-1), the “Pyramid Flipper”. The price goes down and the value goes up on this device, since end-users decide what goes in, and the facilitator Eve accommodates. You are an end-user. This is your absolute chance to be the difference.

At Eve Community the path of “tablet first” 2-in-1 was chosen. By people just like you.

Tech devices are supposed to enable users, but now users enable revolutionary tech


Technology exists so that it enables us to achieve more. And the very core purpose of many corporations is to sell technology. When we, the customers and end-users, go and purchase a piece of tech we naturally expect that it delivers. We trust in corporations to enable us to achieve more.

For the New England Patriots, technology failed at a crucial game of American football on late January. Tablets that the coaching staff were relying on went out of use. Reliance became a risk, achieving even baseline performance became harder. “The internet” instantly huddled, and in Twitter #tabletgate got wings.

Nevermind that NFL along with its partner explained the true reason behind the glitch. Online, the 400 million USD partnership deal with the NFL, the fact that the teams are pushed to use the Microsoft technology, and the quality of the tablet product in question got questioned: So much money, for so little, why, oh why? “Yet another corporate fail” was largely the tweeted sentiment.

Here at Eve the feeling was that this was just yet another symptom of a larger issue.

But here’s the deal: We believe that the internet crowd must proactively join forces to co-create the tech that marvels. Rather than accept the status quo, agonizing and ridiculing the constant corporate short-comings reactively.


Enter Eve Community (link). A place where hundreds of early-adopting tech-savvy global pioneers have already joined forces. The sole mission? To communally develop a device, the Pyramid Flipper (link), absent of corporate costing, lost focus, and the evident negligence towards you. When corporations think in prices, Eve and its community think in value. Outcome? The ultimate user-focused device. Hungry for a true way to be productive? Anxious to really become enabled? Here is your chance.

Community of co-mutiny

So we take charge of things. Since the big brands’ offering is not what we desire, we leave them aside, obsolete. We are a bit rebellious, creating our own path. So where do we go from here?

Simply, together we devise the best tech device of 2016 (as a starter).

Already the nature of the most suitable form factor of Pyramid Flipper has been stated by the community members. At this very moment, the screen support mechanism is under scrutiny: Do we go with a kickstand or perhaps a magnetic solution? Pros and cons are being summoned from the infinite wisdom of our beloved community.

Will it be one of these two, or something else? Up to you.

Your thoughts, experiences and desires are needed. We urge you to join. What we will end up with is a new way to be productive. A device that oozes reliable portability. You get your freedom to relocate around the city, around your house, with ease. And wherever you’re stationed, a seamless transition from a tablet to laptop, or vice versa, is granted. The device caters to your needs so you have a Windows 10 computer empowering whatever creative, performative or entertainment aspirations you have. This is the ultimate no-brainer. Costing much less, since the focus is on your value. Together we give you the allowance for stand-out tech.

“Costing much less, since the focus is on your value. Together we give you the allowance for stand-out tech.”

But of course, why would you ever believe what a firm says? Nobody does. First time around, we made T1, a nifty 8” tablet. We cared to excel. This showed, hence the praise from the press. People liked Eve, the newcomer. We reached out to them in gratitude, and got a completely surprising, loyal core following. You can ask from them about us.

Now we invite all the enlightened ones to join this journey. You can experience it all at eve.community. Among others Eve has its core partners, design firm Propeller and ODM Techvision summoned to the discussion, for your disposal. So with little effort you can interact directly with the people who craft the externals and the internals (looks and soul) of Pyramid Flipper! Heck, where else do you get possibilities like that?

You can come and just observe, or you can become the opinion leader. Don’t worry if you do not understand some or any of the terms, people in the community will be pleased to explain them to you. Eve provides you the means, together we craft the meaning.

Joining only takes a few clicks. Do it now and chat with the people who care for you.

The support coming from the deep global ranks of end-users is obvious. The Age of Digitalization is here, giving new opportunities. And people are pumped up. Relevance of Eve Community is undeniable. The users’ spirit within the community speaks volumes. It speaks more than Eve, a brisk Finnish startup, itself ever could. It speaks the truth.

Heck, where else do you get possibilities like that?

All of this amounts to a shining reality of modern tech business. Corporations routinely release a device, pump PR money around it, and then stress about the Product Market Fit and the volume of sales, perhaps even whether the actual users like the piece. A clear disconnect.

At Eve, Pyramid Flipper will embed User Desire Fit. And this is revolutionary. Even if you yourself do not want to or simply can’t spend time in developing the device, you will likely want the final product. Others will ensure that the focus stays tightly on you, the actual user. A mix of essentials and the “little extra” to make the Pyramid Flipper an outlier in the market, we all strive to rather give you the ultimate bang for the buck, instead of only Bang & Olufsen.

Striving to make it all it can be. The ultimate no-brainer.

The customers are in charge. Today they have massive amounts of information, awareness, global access through internet, deep desires, and as a group a lot of wealth. So they (meaning you and us as well) call the shots. This reality might be at odds with the understanding of masses out there. But here is Eve, and we even out the odds.

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