Hunt for the perfect screen begins!

We had an amazing discussion about what perfect screen for Pyramid Flipper should be like. Thank you for participating! Now it’s time to start sourcing. Those good screens ain't that easy to find!

But before we talk about difficulties of getting the perfect screen let’s have a look at the results of the latest discussion. The goal of the screen discussion was to get a general idea on what matters the most in the screen and what kind of screens we should look for. We have asked 3 questions:

  1. What is the best aspect ratio for a 2-in-1?
  2. What matters you the most to you in a screen?
  3. What is the optimal size of the screen for our next device

Here is what we've got:

As always community tends to agree on the most of the things! As you can see most of you said that 3:2 is a perfect aspect ratio that is very convenient for tablet use as well as for document editing. Then we all agreed that it’s not the quantity of pixels but quality that matters. Also generally, guys in the community said that resolution should be not less than Full HD.

Screen colour reproduction, sharpness and brightness are among the most important thing when it comes to screen selection.

Opinions about screen size were quite spread out but it seems that 12 inch is the golden middle here.

Good job guys! Your inputs will help us limit the scope of sourcing and focus on the essentials. Now it’s time for us to start working hard and look for screens that match your requirements!

We will be looking for screens from top vendors:

  1. LG
  2. Sharp
  3. Samsung
  4. Panasonic
  5. AUO

and more

In around 2 weeks we will get back with actual screen options ( Resolutions, dimensions, approximate prices, everything! it’s going to be quite a technical discussion:) ) after that we will get screen locked down and the first Pyramid Flipper spec will be finally selected!

Special thanks to @Mitchz90 @gkmess @vithren @SombreSire @suominena @Ervin @techru2 @Vincenzo @AntonYrin @Pauli_J_Vinni @HildyJ @Phraga @Alexander_Korzhykov @Mael_Navarro @Tourniquet @LuukTijssen for providing an in-depth explanation of your votes and providing great ideas!

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