Review of the latest 2-in-1 by Lenovo

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Here at Eve, we are testing a lot of tablets and 2 in 1s. We do it in order to ensure that Pyramid Flipper does not repeat mistakes of big companies and their products. Then I realized that our thoughts on products we test must be shared with you guys!

So from now on I’ll be making reviews of products that I am testing from a Pyramid Flipper developer perspective :)

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Today I will write a review of Lenovo Miix 700 a 2-in-1 tablet with a similar form factor to that of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4

I would like to start with my shopping experience first. I rushed to order the device first day it was available it was quite easy to place an order on Lenovo’s website.

I have the most powerful core m7 version of the device for 1300 euros with the following spec:

My expectations were quite high. After all this thing costed me a fortune:)

After a week of waiting for the device it has finally arrived!

The idea of product reviews did not exist when I received the device so sorry for bad pictures :) I was taking them in my car (I was really excited about it).

I was expecting to see something like this:

But instead, I got this!

And there we go:) First of all, I have ordered core M7 gold color version of the device instead I received core M5 black color version. But this is completely fine, mistakes happen. But what was unacceptable is that silver tape on my screen! Let me clarify. When I have opened the device it had all kinds of marketing stickers on it like long battery life, fast shipping, good review score, bla bla bla… But when I removed those stickers here’s what I’ve got (you can see a piece of red sticker remaining there)!

Stickers on a 1300 eur device is bad customer experience but that silver thermal glue on the touch panel, that is total corporate bull%*#!

After that, I was certain that device will be going back to Ireland where it came from :)

Enough raging! What about the actual usability and value for money?

Performance and my overall feeling about this device


If this device would be below 500 Euros I would say that it is very strict, cold and cheap looking design. But at 1,300 Euros all I have to say is that its unbelievable how cheap can 1,3k device feel in your hands! It clicks, scratches it is also a fingerprint magnet. The design is dull and boring. When I went to a coffee shop to write this review I felt real bad when all those fancy Mac Book users were around me with their Apple logos cruelly glowing at me.

Watchband hinge was the best piece of engineering which I wasn’t that impressed with

Well enough about the design!


Lenovo Miix 700 has one of the best 2 in 1 and overall keyboards that I have ever tried! Really this thing feels amazing considering the thickness of the folio case. It’s a very sturdy, keyboard with enough space between keys and good travel distance. I used this device for my daily work and the keyboard felt great.

The only drawback is lack of backlight on the keyboard so when you type in the evening you really have to put some effort into seeing where you press

But unfortunately, this amazing keyboard kept disconnecting and registering random button inputs every 15–30 seconds. So after a whole day of work I was so fed up with windows sound of connection and disconnecting a new input device that I just had to mute my device


With such an amazing keyboard I expected to have at lest an ok trackpad. But it appears that nobody really cared to test the trackpad at Lenovo. Seriously I’d better not have it! It was a nice glass trackpad that was a bit too small for my taste. But that’s okay! Tastes vary. But it registered only one finger at a time, most of the time which means that scrolling text or selecting it was nearly impossible as Lenovo has the trackpad set up in a way that you really have to use two fingers to operate it.

Weight, size & convenience of use

I have to admit guys that despite all those disadvantages mentioned above 2 in 1 form factor feels amazing! It’s a device that allows you to interact with windows in new ways. it is very convenient to use it on the go. During the work day, I would go from office to coffee shop to do some creative writing. I normally drive car around the city, so most of the time I would have my Lenovo next to me and when I would need to go to a meeting or a coffee shop I would not even bother taking my bag. Just my 2-in-1.

Battery Life

Overall battery life was descent. I start working early and use my device quite intensively so it would normally last me around 7 hours. And that would be almost fine for me if I could only charge my device with a normal USB charger. You see Lenovo has this uniquely shaped charger that looks like normal USB at a first glance

As a result, every time I would run out of battery I could not use my power bank nor my smartphone charger


This device features a high-resolution screen of (2160 x 1440), 300 nits. There is nothing stunning about it especially for the price :). One thing I didn’t like about it is a green tint it had. As a result websites with a lot of whitespace seem a bit green or yellowish sometimes.


Now here is another problem!!!The power button is just unpredictable. Sometimes you have to hold it for 30 seconds sometimes just one touch is enough, sometimes it doesn’t respond no matter what you do! So unlocking the screen became the most complicated thing to do. Sometimes you want to show something to your team mate but this thing wouldn’t light up!

I have used this device for 2 weeks and found the positioning of the ports and buttons alright except for the USB ports that are located too high and as a result, when you plug your device in holding it in hand becomes inconvenient.


You can see ports that this device has from the spec sheet but I have to say that I would prefer to have fewer ports and just couple of USB type Cs as the amount of ports just ruins this device design and worst of all doesn’t add so much needed functionality. For example, Lenovo added their unique looking charging port which takes a lot of space and has no use except for charging.


Lenovo Miix 700

To be frank I found Intel’s latest core m5 processor performance more than enough to run most of the desktop apps and do all of my daily work. Photoshop ran smoothly, I was able to watch 4k videos without any lag. I also tried playing counter strike go on it which surprisingly gave steady 60 FPS at medium-low settings in full HD resolution.

I was also surprised with the Geekbench score of 4954 which was almost identical to Surface Pro 4 i5 version.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

My verdict

The Good:

- Sharp screen with good aspect ratio
- Very good Core M5 performance. 
- Amazing keyboard (read the ugly too:) )

The Bad

  • Astronomical price
  • Dull and cheap-feeling design. Watchband doesn't look nearly as good as on the pictures
  • impossible to use power button
  • Lack of USB Type C and no way to charge the device with other chargers except for the original one

The Ugly:

  • Poor trackpad that does not always register multitouch.
  • Keyboard disconnects every 2–3 minutes
  • device randomly shuts itself down when in standby mode

Key Takeaway for the ▼:

  • Make sure to test the device well so that basic things like trackpad, keyboard, etc work flawlessly there
  • No marketing stickers on the device

The fun part!

As we are 100% driven by our amazing community the final verdict will be made there! Do you think this device is good value for money? Was my review biased? Would you buy this product? Join the poll and help us decide whether Lenovo Miix 700 should fly or die!

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