Project: Pyramid Flipper Advisory specifications

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Hello everyone!

Its time to summarize’s sentiment regarding the specifications of Pyramid Flipper so far. Advisory discussion round has closed.

The discussion will continue to happen in as the team begins to source for components behind the scenes.

To understand how we got to the conclusion, I’ll provide a link to each discussion after each spec.

Here is what we’ve got regarding the Pyramid Flipper’s spec so far:
remember this is not the final spec, things can and will change, but you can get a rough idea of what we’re after here:

SPECIFICATIONS in order of “[STEP]”-discussions

  1. FORM FACTOR: 2-in-1 tablet, “tablet first”- approach.

Its pretty clear here. Community wanted us to create a 2-in-1 tablet, tablet first approach meaning emphasis on tablet usability vs laptop aspects. 
Read on the community’s thoughts regarding this:

The community has decided on an integrated kickstand:


While some members were happy with Full HD, others wanted more pixels. Aspect ratio of 3:2 was the most favored one.

Currently our key considerations are an LCD QHD IPS at 2736x1824, while another great contender is an OLED screen with 1440p.
Considering OLED implementation over LCD, there are advantages, but also possible disadvantages. OLED screens have previously been known for their lower luminance and poor sunlight readability, especially in the earlier generations of the technology. 
Secondly OLED can increase power consumption in situations where a lot of white color is needed, specifically in text and browsing environment although this could be offset by the smaller consumption in color rich (dark) environment, where the OLED technology turns off a pixel to present black color instead of dimming backlighting down, as is done in an LCD.

Overall our goal is to get a bright, colorful and sharp screen for the Pyramid Flipper.

Check the community discussion regarding the screen:

3. Stylus

It was clear the community wanted the PEN enabled.

We will try our best to get the best pens out there, but what we can promise certainly, is a digitizer-based Stylus with similar performance to Surface Pro 3 spec.

We are also keeping an eye on opportunities regarding WACOM implementations.

To read about community discussion regarding the Stylus Pen:

4. CPU

Intel Core m “Skylake”

Majority of has chosen the Core m as the best option for increased battery life and mostly uncompromised performance.

Although Core m5 seemed to be the biggest favorite, we are still looking into offering multiple configurations along with it.

Check out the community’s thoughts about CPU:

5. Connectivity

The good basics seem to do the job here. The latest WiFi coupled with the latest Bluetooth. Some nice additionals have been included to the lookout; GPS and NFC. The fate of these latter two chips will be resolved depending on the extra cost.

Over two different STEPs; Wireless and LTE -discussions, the community decided while an LTE would be a nice-to-have, it would be the best if it was optional.

We’re looking for options for either offering LTE-enabled configurations of the Pyramid Flipper, or offering a possible addon module compatible with all upcoming Pyramid Flippers out there.

The discussion occured on the following threads:

6. The Keyboard

High quality keyboard and precision track pad

When it came down to the keyboard, the community introduced a few new points to us:
 1) There was a lot of people who wanted to have separate button for mouse pad. This is something we still have to boil down to. Here at the office we’ve always been perfectly happy with clicking the pad itself, as long as the track pad clicks have been of high quality.

2) Localized print of the keys was really important to people.

3) Two versions were wanted; metal/hard and fabric/soft

Most (77%) wanted to max out the size of the track pad. 21% said they don’t care about the track pad. Generally the community wanted us to make the best track pad possible. And that’s what we are going to do!

We aim to offer both ISO- and ANSI layout keyboard and do our best to support localized keys for different countries. We’ll also see if its possible to offer two material choices, although this seems unlikely at this moment.

Check the keyboard discussion here:

7. Ram & Storage

RAM 8GB or more
ROM: 128–256GB or more

Considering RAM and Storage, there seems to be a wide field of different needs. That is totally understandable and because of this we decided we have to give our best effort towards offering different configurations.

Read how the community boiled down to the question:


10 hours or more.

The general sentiment of the community here was the same as ours: there’s never too much battery life. Most people had very low levels of battery in their current devices and were strongly in favor of maximizing the battery life of the pyramid flipper.

Our goal is to get the juice for 10 hours of use.

To see’s thinking about the battery life:

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