Pyramid Flipper’s Cameras - The outcome

Thank you all a lot for your feedback!

The mutual understanding regarding cameras pointed out clearly that while there are seldom use cases for them and they are good to have in the upcoming Pyramid Flipper, they are not a must-have and we should not go overboard with their specifications.

Polls indicated that decent cameras would suffice all of you..

..while windows hello would be a definitive must-have feature with 84% approval if costs are in check.

To summarize the discussion:
 We rarely take pictures with tablets rear camera as all of us have usually mobile phones in our pocket, equipped with better cameras. As such, it doesn’t make sense to invest in the rear camera unless it can compete against high end cameras.
Based on the discussion, we will be looking for cameras that can fulfill the following use cases:

  • front facing camera optimized for video chatting and calling, with a bonus possibility of wide-angle lens.
  • Rear facing camera good enough to take decent pictures in normal lighting conditions
  • Windows Hello supporting infra-red module to the front.
  • Rear camera should clearly be positioned in a corner instead of center.

Special thanks to active contributors;
 tiktoktoyatoya Mael_Navarro Artur fongster Ethan_Jones Filip_Ka Phraga techru2 Keith_Banner Pauli_J_Vinni SombreSire gkmess :

Team Eve

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