Stylus seems a must!

Hello guys! Thanks for your great feedback regarding the need of Stylus in the upcoming Pyramid Flipper.
 We have read through all of it carefully and it seems the Stylus Pen is a must have. 
 Although many of you don’t currently use a Stylus:

Many would not consider getting a device without it:

That’s not a big surprise considering all the added benefits of the uses cases made possible only with a Stylus:

  • Write on top of PDFs / documents / pictures
  • Easy paper-and-pen-like note taking on the go
  • Doodling and drawing etc.
     So it seems we have to give it our best effort to make Pyramid Flipper have a stylus support. Luckily a solution may just have been introduced by Wacom (as originally posted here in our community by @Justice).

We are continuing our discussions with Wacom and Hanvon, and will be sure to keep you guys up to date!

Let’s make the Pyramid Flipper happen!

Team Eve

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