T1: Goodbuy! Welcome to our new Blog!

This is the very first posting here. To put it short bluntly, it is dedicated to share some news and some good news.

The news is that Eve T1, our first device, is now officially put to the history books. This means of course that more T1s will not be produced. But it doesn’t mean that the owners of T1 cannot continue to use and enjoy their Eve device, for example by reading history books with it. We will support them on that.

T1 was a journey well traveled

The creation of the tablet computer and the process of getting it out there, these experiences brought a ton of problems, hardships and successes. We learned valuable lessons, but even more than that, T1 is what got us made. Now we know we can accomplish great things and avoid at least the most obvious reefs where this ship could wreck. Essentially, today Eve is a bona fide tech provider.

But our past, present and future still relies solely on you going with Eve. The fate of this movement is completely determined by how we — people who are passionate about tech and agonize about the current state of affairs in the market — are jointly able to revolutionize the tech creation industry. Yes, an inspired and trusting group of followers, customers, believers (or however you might wish to label them) have already found us, and we humbly expect more and more Adams to join Eve. Our confidence about this is elevated and optimistic, since so many already saw with T1 that we first and foremost care about delivering value to users.

The reviews that T1 got literally astounded us. Tech-savvy people all over the world backed us up on our mindset: Affordability doesn’t equate diluted compromise, we go that extra mile for people’s sake, we appreciate simplicity like a true Nordic firm, and our user-centricity stands tall among the big brands.
You can check out these expert opinions here.

But the truly tickling sensation for us came when a customer, and nowadays an Eve insider, blogged about T1. The story there puts it in a way that makes it obvious to everyone: When a tech provider truly takes into account how much a user will get from a single device, it shows. See for yourself.
Rest assured, more stories like his are to come.

“When a tech provider truly takes into account how much a user will get from a single device, it shows.”

And so here’s the good news

Clearly the previous shows that our message has gone out, and it has resonated. But now, we double down here. What you’re reading is our brand’s new blog. It establishes a beacon which sends out signals about the “Eve way”, separating our story and progress from the vast, incoherent noise of the market.

If you’re curious, confused, hater, or ecstatic, do subscribe to our list. That way you will not miss out on the big milestones and news which are about to come. And when you follow this blog, you get to see first-hand how this story unravels over time. Meaningful things are coming, but what, when, how? You’ll be told. You’ll be included.

But hey. Hey you.

We have two eyes and ten fingers (on average). So if you’re getting any ideas or feelings from all this what you’re witnessing with your eyes, join the discussion on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

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