The Eve of Revolution Within Consumer(‘s) Electronics

Behind every organization there’s a story. This is the story about us, the “Why Eve?”.

Of course some of you have already read About us on our fresh website. But here’s more.

It all began in the aisles of electronics shops. A couple of tech-savvy fellas, let them be called Dudley and Niklas, were browsing the offering. What they agreed spontaneously was that what they were seeing, it was poor all-around, with too few exceptions. Why there isn’t anything that is clearly all the money’s worth? This was their educated opinion, as they both were tech-lovers.

Now, this tech-hungry duo actually did something about it. Their background fitted here well, and so they simply went to the “crime scene”, to Asia. They started to ask questions, performing the lip and leg duty required to get answers. Snooping around, some might say. All that to learn why there is this frustrating mismatch between their realistic desires and the available offering.

A picture started to form. In this day and age, what was happening within the kingdom of tech manufacturers was simply outdated. Many had lost their way from current trends, likely by mimicking others.

Taking a step back, and looking at things from a wide perspective, one evident reality hits us in the face. Things happen more and more online. People rent houses from each other, share rides, and use their mobile phones to tap into the vast knowledge bases found in the world wide web. Thinking about this online trend led inevitably to a realization: “Hey, people can rally together — online — for a common cause, and get things done. Get them materialized”.

Enter Eve-Tech. The company was started by Dudley and Niklas to revolutionize the way smart devices are created. Our team is small. It is just a few intensive, borderline rebellious characters here. But it is only a few it takes these days… Yes we might be small in numbers, but we are very devoted and invite people around this movement. Creating tech is a business, of course, but we will get the hard part done in the manufacturing world, and you get your stuff without anyone dipping into your pockets. We facilitate your way to great devices.

All of this is now taking place, because a few people stepped forward and really started to address the situation.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”
-Henry David Thoreau

We most definitely hear it. There is marching rhythm banging in the distance, let us follow it. Sooner or later others will as well.

Some of you are asking now: So the heck what? Well, we are convinced that the tech market is operating in a clearly wasteful, outdated and disconnected manner. The symptoms of this?

-Devices contain bloatware and irrelevant, hindering spec combos which dilute any greatness

-Design in our view is just poor. “Design” covers everything, but we see it nowhere in the products

-Prices consist mostly of payments made to 20th century relic organizations

And the outcome? Frustration. Waste of money. Impatience. For you. All because what you get, comes out of an unnecessarily heavy, outdated operating structures.. You’re not really catered to, you’re not genuinely focused on.

This is not because the individuals working at the big, dominant brands are evil or bad people. It is just because corporations after all prioritize mainly on the money-making side of things. Within their massive structures, the good intentions of engineers, designers and other professionals get tangled up, diluted, and ultimately lost.

Then again, we don’t have any monopoly on truth. Regardless, in our view, these things just are.

The reserved connoisseurs among you will perhaps state: “But this is how all the businesses work! Their sole idea is to make money for the shareholders.” And this is exactly true, if you look at the world through the rear-view window. The world where people walk among aisles of brick & mortar stores, having one important choice: Take it or leave it.

Biologists, businessmen, economists and almost everybody knows: What cannot continue, won’t. So will the business model of big brands continue as it is? Sure, if there’s nothing better and more compelling for people, the customers, to rely on. So if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But it is broke for tech-enthusiasts like us. It’s just a shame, that’s all. We’re all paying more and getting less. Less than we hope for. Less that we know would be possible.

DIY -guys have known for a long time that they don’t even have to look at the ready-made offerings: they have the means to materialize their own desires. This is great, when you have access to all the parts and pieces you need, coupled with skill to assemble it yourself. Unfortunately, you don’t always have these. Many of us don’t possess the skills, time, passion and/or mentoring to build things literally from scratch. Things like smart devices.

We of course understand that you, dear reader, might be pleased with how things are. You don’t see how the status quo could be shaken, or you have high tolerance for mediocrity.

Eve offers an alternative.

Eve-Tech stands for Evolutionary Technologies. We co-create tech devices in the most simplistic, emphatic manner possible. We do this, because in the online world of today, we can. We’d like to characterize ourselves as your Bona Fide Tech Provider. We sell our devices exclusively online, so you could afford them. Our promise is; more for less, not the opposite.

We will not scam or harm you, so we lay out there, we are a business organization. That is a small part of what this is about. We are merely the simplest possible enabler of manufacturing cooperation of a vast online community. A community which you can be part of, actively or passively. Be heard, or nod for approval with the rest of your peers.

The new reality of electronics industry starts unraveling now. In the coming year, we devise a revolution within device creation. Eve ’n’ you.

We cherish people’s views! So share your thoughts below.

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