Embers and Ashes

Legends tell of a magnificent bird which brings life from chaos and breath from flames, but what no one dare remind you, little ones, is that for its magnificence to be seen, it must first destroy and be destroyed. The mighty Phoenix, a fowl born of flame and fury, is an urchin of ashes and destruction; its constant companion being death and pain. For you see, for there to be ash to rise from, something or someone must have burned first. And this heat is no mere flame for it continues to burn until life is ready to burst forth and begin the process of destruction and death all over again. My dearies, the Phoenix is not a creature to be gawked at in wonder but it is a monster that destroys in order to live.

So also are people, little ones. So often attempting to attain the glory of the Phoenix, humanity stoops to destruction in order to bring themselves up, destroying everyone and everything in their path to do so. Such little care is given, my darlings, to the people around who may fall victim to the flame that incubates the Phoenix’s “better self”. No my darlings… the Phoenix is a cruel beast that sets you aflame and lets you burn in order to evolve… killing both you and it in a macabre attempt at reliving glory days and rising from dust.

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