Hyster means uterus in Greek.
Bull. Shit.
Sirous Martel

I took Greek. Ancient Greek, actually. Hysterikos is the Greek term used to describe a neurological condition in women caused by a malfunction in the uterus. Basically, hysteria caused by a malfunctioning womb/uterus — cured by the removal of said malfunctioning uterus. This term coined by all male doctors of their time in a patriarchal culture where women were valued only for sex and their ability to bear children.

Though your negative view of feminism is justified, because it has become more a detriment than a benefit, applying linguistics without knowledge of the history behind language is empty.

The point of this matter being, simply, if you’re going to insult someone, do it without demeaning a sect of people. If it’s not acceptable to compare negative behaviors to a specific race of humanity, it’s not acceptable to compare them to a specific gender either.

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