I woke up this morning believing that today was going to bring me something special… something that would make me incandescently happy and blissfully at peace all at once. It was something so simple… I wouldn’t even have thought this would brighten my day, but it did.


Now I get it, everyone wants a “white Christmas” and all that, but here in Minnesota snow is considered a “4-letter-curse-word” because winters here are long and shed very little sunlight, turning most residents into pasty-white hermits. However, I’m not from Minnesota originally and I love the snow. Until yesterday we only had a light dusting and, even when it started coming down harder in the small hours of the night, it was blustery and the flakes were so tiny I couldn’t see them… but not this morning. Not today.

Looking out my window I see large flakes of powdery, glistening snow drifting down from the sky; their gentle, graceful descent like an intricate dance that makes my heart race with excitement while my ever-busy mind slows to watch and appreciate this beautiful gift of winter.

I believed that today was going to bring me something special… and it certainly did.