An Ordinary Thursday with my Cats

Most nights after a long day at work, are typical. Routine. Ordinary at best. Though sometimes there are nights which I do want to remember — lest it disappears into the endless meandering folds of forgotten memories.

I’ve taken thousands of photos of my cats ever since they were kittens, but I’ve never quite written much about them.

Cats are cats. And I suppose mine are no different. They eat, they sleep all day, occasionally they visit the litter-box to ease themselves — and everything cat in between.

Tonight was no different. I came home later than usual, but greeted at the door with over-enthusiastic meows that can only mean one thing: they’re hungry.

After gobbling up their dinner, they retreated to their favorite spots for a quick post-meal nap. Much like the one we wished we had after a good lunch at work. And I, continued surfing the internet to catch up on what I missed. Typical things humans do these days.

The thing about cats is, you occasionally check on them. Well, just because. I saw Rain curled up on the cat-tower, with his long slender tail hang lazily from the top. Typical, good-ol’ Rain. But Storm, who will usually occupy the next tower was nowhere to be seen. I got up from the couch to search for him. Not because I’m worried, but because it’s like hide-and-seek. It’s fun.

But since my house is small, I quickly found him at the first spot I went looking — the garden balcony. He was curled up on one of the deck chairs, staring pensively into the dark sky. So I decided to join him.

“It is a quiet night. And it is quite nice,” I said to Storm as I sat down on the other chair. He stared at me with his large round eyes, before returning his gaze to the sky. I like his little hideout (even though he wasn’t really hiding).

He then got up from his seat, climbed on the table between us and gently made his way to me and sat on my lap. I could hear his steady purr as I massage under his chin. It was therapeutic for both of us.

And then I realized how much I needed solitude time like this. And how much I will sorely miss this house some day. And how interesting it is that an ordinary cat I adopted from the streets could make me see two large blessings in my life right now: peace and belonging.

Although today started as any ordinary day, I ended up having my heart filled with gratitude for the small things in life that aren’t so small after all.

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