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Because you have few real-time meetings, and the real-time meetings you do organise are relatively costly (“Can you hear me?” “I hear my own voice twice.” “Where’s Michiel?”), you’ll think twice before scheduling in one, and if you do you make sure to get to the point and keep it as short as possible.

Online counts the same: if you want your messages to be read, you need to be short & concise. Else they’ll simply fall to the wayside, in the “I’ll read that later” bucket, which often ends up not being read at all.

Coming back to the…

Me in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Going on a long-term trip and backpacking the first three months of it, staying in hostels, really made me question the way we idealise “experiences” as opposed to “consuming”. Is there really much of a difference? Can experiences not be “consumed” in the same way possessions can, and with the same (negative) effects?

It was especially in San Cristóbal de las Casas, one of my favourite places in Mexico, that I started wondering this. …

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

And what might be more important.

Up until half a year ago I thought freedom was the key to solving most of my problems, both mental & physical. The freedom to go outside during the day and soak up some sunshine & vitamin D. The freedom to cook and eat healthy foods, and eat my meals slowly. The freedom to exercise enough & when I want to. The freedom to sleep in tune with my internal circadian clock.

And I thought the main way to achieve that freedom was by achieving financial independence. Being able to earn much by working…

Or: Make your wardrobe work for you instead of against you

As quite some of my friends (and family, and colleagues) know, I got a bit obsessed with colour and style analysis a couple of years ago, as a way of drastically reducing the number of items I have in my closet, and the time I have to spend on shopping & getting dressed in the morning.

As since having lived out of a suitcase for half a year in Japan, I’ve discovered the joys of not having to spend a lot of time & effort on picking out what…

Now exactly (ok, + 3 days) 5 months ago I boarded the plane in Schiphol, Amsterdam to Mexico City. It was a trip I started planning only a couple of months in advance, as I got a proposal for leaving my job with a nice bonus, and figured I was too stuck (mentally) to start looking for a new job.

I needed a change of perspective & some fresh air. And so I booked a trip to Mexico, cancelled my apartment in Rotterdam, sold most of my shit, and moved half way across the globe.

In the meanwhile I’ve been…

No, it’s not an alternative to interviews

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Customer development surveys tend to have a bad reputation nowadays: they’re known as costing a lot of time to create, and giving confusing answers at best. But surveys can be useful, if you design them in the right way and use them for the right purpose.

Here’s a list of the top mistakes people make when building & using surveys, and what to do instead:

The biggest difference between surveys and interviews is that there’s no real-time interaction, so you cannot react to someone’s response right away and ask follow-up questions. As a result it’s hard to dig deeper and…

The last months of 2018 we’ve been busy building more functionalities for teams & their mentors in Dispatch; our tool for helping you pick the right focus for testing your business ideas. Let me quickly tell you more about it!

In the Progress overview mentors and their teams can track the progress the team is making, note down agreements made on priorities and next steps, and see how the team progressed on those. It creates a paper trail of a team’s actions and creates accountability.

This wasn’t the first time we built a feature like this: in VenturePulse, a tool…

A couple of months ago I decided to take a week off to work on my side projects. The reason? I had been wanting to work on a couple of ideas already for a while, but couldn’t find proper time / headspace to kick it off properly. I figured that if I took a week off I’d be able to properly kick it off and get it off the ground, to continue with it afterwards.

I took a full week off from work and stayed for a week at a co-working space of a friend of mine. I used the…

If there’s one concept from Jobs to be Done theory that has helped me understand customer behaviour better, it must be the Progress Forces Diagram. And every time I explain it during a workshop or during coaching it makes sense to others as well. That’s why I’m writing this small post to explain it to you, and how it can help you find out whether your product has potential.

But before we get into more detail, let’s first take a look at how jobstobedone.org visualises the diagram in this post:

As you can see there are two sides of the…

Fishbowl discussion with Robbert van Geldrop on the 2nd day

Last weekend I participated in the Startup Academy, an event organised by Leon Pals at the Progress Bar, with the aim to give you a sniff of the startup life in 2.5 days.

The first evening you pitch different problems and partner up in small teams to address those problems. The next couple of days you get workshops, are kicked out of the building to go validate your idea, and have several feedback sessions with peers & coaches.

Leon managed to lure me in because I had been walking around with a couple of ideas for quite a while already…

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