There’s no such thing as left-brain right-brain thinking

Evelien Vd Leeden
Jun 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Article by Eve van der Leeden

There’s no such thing as left brain or right brain thinking…. To divide and separate the two sides as a dualistic force inside your skull is tyranny, the root of evil to rule the human way of acting and thinking, the biggest mind hack unconsciously accepted… Ask Leonardo DaVinci what he’d think, or Michelangelo for that matter.

And don’t forget about Escher… Einstein, Bach?

However, the left- brain, right-brain myth will probably never die because it has become a useful and powerful metaphor for different ways of thinking; logical, focused and analytic versus broad-minded and creative.

While the truth is that both sides are working beautifully in sync, they need to enhance each other so that human species might even evolve.

So what happens when they put the focus on just logical, focused and analytical thinking?

Never stop wondering, never stop asking, and never in the first place forget to listen to your gut instinct as the gut is the ruler of your brain and as in how the gut is the feeder of your brain (we are what we eat).

“To find truth you need both sides of your brain to harmoniously work together. Facts versus Visionary thinking, harmonize that wired bunch in your skull, own it, feed it, love it, that’s how “Eureka’s” are born…” — Eve van der Leeden & Wild Kitchen Tales

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