Day 2: 98 to go…

source: unsplash

Here we go again! Turns out I got rather a lot done (I did spend a bit extra time coding than the 1 mandatory hour). But hey, as long as it’s fun that’s not a bad thing innit?


  • I spent some time refining my portfolio site. I’ve got the basic layout down but added minor fixes such as internal linking, hover effect on the nav bar, some minor issues with displaying symbols weirdly, added some social media icons and some cool-looking text on the main banner.
  • Started the Responsive Web Design Fundamentals course on Udacity. I went through the first lesson and played around with the emulator/responsive design tool in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Completed two basic algorithms on FCC; Check for palindromes and Find the longest word in a string. The palindrome one was fairly straight forward but I struggled a bit with how to find the length of a word in a string. Ultimately, I solved it by using the split method and iterating through an array which stored the words. Afterwards, when compared my solution with other people’s solutions I noticed that some had used the sort method instead… which was new syntax for me, so I spent some time reading up on that. This video was really useful:
  • Read chapter 4: Mixing (Up) “Class” Objects in This and Object Prototypes. It’s safe to say that most of the content in the YDKJS series is above my level and I struggle to understand quite a lot, but I guess it’s good to at least get acquainted with some of the concepts. At least I learned that JavaScript doesn’t technically have classes even though developers can “fake” classes.

To Do Tomorrow:

  • Start creating a contact form on my portfolio site
  • Read chapter 5 of YDKJS
  • Continue the Responsive Web Design Fundamentals course