Waves World launch Millionaires Club

Evelina Lavrova
Sep 21, 2018 · 3 min read

If you own at least one million Waves World tokens, you are eligible to join the Millionaires Club and receive an additional 3,500 WW per day, as well as exclusive benefits and further rewards!

As part of our vision of building an Awesome Crypto Tokens Economy, Waves World has launched its Millionaires Club. This group of large holders will receive automated daily rewards and various other benefits, including being given priority for new items on our marketplace.

The good news is that right now, because it’s still early days, this club isn’t as exclusive as it might be. If you’re patient you might pick up 1m WW for around $100 on DEX, and you can of course lease your WAVES to the official Waves World node and receive your share of the 400 million total WW that are being distributed on a weekly basis to lessors until June 2019.

Waves World in figures: 21 September 2018

Daily rewards

We originally created a bot that would issue rewards to members of our Telegram group who had 1 million WW or more. However, this required millionaires to input their addresses, and some people value their privacy! So we updated the bot, which now sends a bonus of 3,500 WW automatically every day to accounts with 1m+ WW. For now, these rewards will come from the Marketing budget. After June 2019, they will come from our Marketplace budget.

Further benefits

The Marketplace is the heart of Waves World, along with the mining node. (Yeah, that analogy doesn’t quite work, so sue us. Two hearts are better than one anyway.) Waves World is going to be offering all kinds of crypto merchandise, including lots of unique and limited edition blockchain products and services. WW will be embedded in the marketplace and you’ll be able to spend your reward tokens on all kinds of blockchain-related goods and services. Millionaires Club members will always receive priority on these items. For example, the first limited-edition run of just 12 Waves World t-shirts will be offered to MC members first. Similarly, MC members will have first refusal on the initial production runs of Bitcoin and Waves starter kits. We expect these will become collector’s items in time!

That won’t be all. We’re working on a series of further benefits aimed at expanding our Millionaires Club and the benefits we offer to them. Of course, it’s important to say that holders with less than 1 million WW will also be able to shop at our marketplace and enjoy the increase in value that we hope will be driven by — amongst other things — these larger accounts locking supply off the market.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Finally, we want more people to join the Club. As Rothschild may or may not have said, the best way to become a billionaire is to help create lots of millionaires.

In due course we’ll be holding a draw for our Telegram users and dropping 1 million WW on the winner. Applicants will need to own a certain minimum of WW to enter, and we’ll hold the draw when the Telegram channel reaches a certain size to ensure maximum impact. We’ll update you when we have more details!

Waves World Node address for leasing: 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4

Links and further information

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