Falling back to the Old World

How easy it is to be pulled back to the old world after getting a taste of a world where people’s relationships are governed by love, mutual respect and consciousness. Me having lived in an intimate free minded conscious community in Thailand (Koh Phangan) and a few weeks in Bali in an deep bliss and in love with everything around me, met my family who seriously tested my loving state by worrying, complaining, arguing and verbally fighting with each other.

Old world means to me a state of investing disproportionally big part of one’s energy on small earthly issues and troubles; when being blind of your own words and emotions that you express and direct at other people. When not really looking at each other; not really wishing to understand each other; not really appreciating each other. Taking someone as an object that has always been there, whose behavior you can predict, who should behave in a way you find correct. The way of communication when one is not really interested in your preference, how you feel, who you really are. If they don’t see the uniqueness in every moment, every person, and the divine in all of us; instead act based on old patterns. Old world means being focused on the outside, looking for external reasons for your contentment and discontentment. Getting stressed and upset by small things and people who do not act according to your standards. I got reminded this world still exists.

It hurts me to see people not being gentle and loving with each other. When people are shouting at or arguing with each other, saying insults, using an angry demanding tone. When they fail taking the time to look into each other’s eyes with pure interest, longing to understand where the other person is at, desire and willingness to see only the good things in the other. Where negative emotions are immediately directed to the other person without taking time to quietly observe your own self and what is going on there. I can see a lack of connection: people are not connected to each other, but primarily to themselves. As when you are connected to yourself, it is little effort to connect with others. I am not even talking about the connection with the God or Creator, or name it as you wish.

By saying old world I also mean the world where people solely live on a physical plane and are fully convinced this is the only possible plane to live in. Actually, in most cases they are not even aware of the existence or concept of ‘the physical plane’, suggesting there are any more worlds or realms out there. Physical world equals for them simply with the world they know and can touch. While they could live in several planes at the same time that just complement and enrich each other. Such as the energetic plane — a world based on energies; feeling energies in each object, person, place, and situation. For instance, sensing the energy in your own body, the energy of an interaction with another person, energy that a specific house or room holds. A state of mind of the New World requires a continuous consciousness and presence in every single second. Then there is a Spirit World — a world full of other creatures, such as fairies, elves, and angels just to name a few that exist simultaneously with ‘our’ physical world. Creatures that you can learn to communicate with can provide their wisdom & guidance. Our material world is quite limited and it’s often hard for us to take right decisions due to the abundance of distractions, unconscious humans, unnatural and therefore unfavouring environments that make it hard for us to stay connected to our Higher Self that should provides us with answers and sense of direction. In the physical world therefore, we have limited information and we constantly fail seeing the bigger picture. That’s where the astral plane and their inhabitants can assist us.

I feel this heaviness in my chest and acidic pain in my stomach area when I see people not behaving consciously, lovingly, considerately and gently with each other. Although the communication is just a form and deep down these people may love each other, it still bothers me. I feel the words carrying energy, and not only; also the tone of voice and the feeling of how you communicate embodies power to create. Create bliss or destruction. It sends out certain energy to the universe out there. Why do we want to send out negative energy while we can send out the positive vibes? Positive vibe is healing to all parties involved, plus it contributes to the universal energy. There is so much of the negative energy already out there, why to add up to it? Another important thing about expressing negatively charged words is the damaging effect on the relationship; more precisely on the energy that exists in a relationship. It is like a layer where the energies of both people overlap and merge, and from there a new unique kind of energy emerges — the energy of the relationship.

When expressing negativity towards the other person in a form of shouting, ugly words, negative attitude, the energy layer that forms the energy of a relationship, picks it up and stores it. It doesn’t necessarily show on the surface but it definitely stays there. If the limit is full — and this limit is different in every relationship — something invisible breaks between two people that they often can’t even point out. Explaining it in an energetic way, it means the energy that keeps the two people together has reached a point where the negative side of the energy is in majority and outweighs the positive side. The negative side will dominate which translates into these two people not enjoying being with each other anymore as the negative charge of the relationship will affect their own energy field. Needless to say, negatively.

That’s why it is important to pay good attention to your words and emotions that you send out. However, by no means I mean suppressing them. But I mean the best way is to first quietly observe them in yourself, after which you can and should communicate of how you feel to your partner. Together you can think of the solution how to fix it, but in most cases a fix is not even needed. It’s usually already enough for both parties to express themselves and meet the other person in this by being open to receive, listen, and understand without judgment. Only then satisfactory, deep and long-term New World relationships can become reality.