Reasons why we need to move from our heads back to our delicious bodies

Sometimes it seems we have collectively moved from our bodies to our heads. But it’s important to be present in the body. Most of the time we live in our heads, make decisions based on logic and analysis. On long term this will eventually lead us to the dead end and unsatisfactory circumstances in life. Because our mind is able to make decisions regarding the future only based on the past, and usually subconsciously trying to avoid the fear and pain that may come along with each decision. When we only listen to our minds, we put ourselves in the situations and conditions that don’t serve us and where we feel miserable.

When we are present in our bodies, we intuitively know what is right for us; which people, jobs, situations make us happy. Our bodies react to everything around us — and even to things that are far for us but have an importance in our lives. But when living in our heads we don’t feel the messages it sends us by emotions and gut feelings, because the connection between our body and mind is not there or not strong enough. When we are present in our bodies we make decisions based on our intuition and gut feeling (which are pretty much the same), that is capable of taking variables into account that our conscious mind has no clue of.

Why are we not present in our bodies? How I see this is that there multiple layers why we prefer to live in our heads and rely on rationale and logic. Here I discuss a few of them that I feel play a major role. Undoubtedly there are more reasons and at a very fine spiritual level there might be reasons we don’t feel comfortable knowing. Maybe it’s at someone’s interest to keep us disconnected with our intuition? We don’t know :)

Anyhow, one sure reason why we are not present in our bodies is that we have been taught since we are children to use our minds, logic and ability to analyze everything. We are being told that in order to make it in life we need to train our minds (schools and universities). And this is what we are doing without even realizing that at some point we have moved to our head. Pretty much at the same time we discover that the world is gray and all the joy and excitement we felt when we were children seems to have disappeared. Why then?? Because when we are present in our bodies we are capable to experience the fullness of life; thanks to our bodies we can experience feelings, smells, flavours, touch, sounds — everthing that makes life worth living. When you were a little girl or a boy, you discovered the world through your body; you touched sand, soil, rocks, insects, leaves, branches of a tree only to experience how it feels on your skin. For not even a moment you wanted to analyze it; it was a pure joy for exploration. Through our body we also experience sexual and sensual pleasures. We can surely say that the purpose and pleasure of being a human being is our ability to experience feelings and enjoyments through our physical bodies.

I already mentioned one reason why we’re struggling with being present in our bodies. Another reason is the externally spoon-fed belief that we should be critical and dissatisfied with our bodies. It’s almost a taboo to love our body and be pleased with it; you somehow should feel guilty for doing that because no-one is loving their bodies. I think women feel this subtle guilt stronger as the society is bombarding us with messages that aim to convince us to change and improve our bodies, because they cannot be perfect. This all plants the seeds of negative feelings related our bodies; we consider our bodies imperfect and often even ugly. Another reason why we want to escape to our heads, because no-one wants to be present in the place we don’t like and love.

One more reason why we don’t feel comfortable owing our bodies is often hidden — we are rarely aware of it — is the pain, traumatic experiences and suffering related to our bodies that we have experienced throughout our past lives. Especially women subconsciously feel it’s not safe to owe our bodies, sexuality and femininity. It might be we haven’t experienced any body-related traumas in this life, however, our body remembers the pain and going-throughs of the past existences that events in the current life have activated. It’s important to know that there is a wisdom stored at the cellular level in our bodies that we have taken with us through all our incarnations. How is it possible you might think, our physical bodies die after each life, how can our body remember? Let me explain.

When we die only our physical (annamaya kosha according to Yogic philosophy) and vital/breath body (pranamaya kosha) dissolve, but the three inner layers (mental, wisdom and causal body) are part of the soul and you take them to your new physical body. These three layers re-integrate with your annamaya and pranayama kosha which means your new body subconciously knows the stories of your past lives. Different events and situations in the current life only act as activators that make our old feelings and wounds come to the surface in order for us to heal them. That’s why it’s important not to escape to mind where everything seems to be so much easier and logical, but stay in our bodies, feel the pain, accept it and heal it by sending it love and light, and eventually to let it go. Only this way a complete healing can occur.

Lastly, why it’s so important to be in our bodies besides the reasons I mentioned above (if they may not be enough?!) is that our body remembers how powerful we are. We remember the time when we were connected to our ancient wisdom, sexuality, Mother Earth and supernatural powers, and we expressed it all without a shame. Our body knows the truth and is not taking any of those lies our distorted society wants us to believe.